Podcast Episode 4: This Soap Box is Getting Full

Good Day to all the Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados!

Our 4th episode is in the books. It’s a full show as we introduce ICZorro into the fold. He has given us the article about television shows and wine pairing, as well as ‘The Worst Finales in TV History’. Stay tuned for his further follow up article about the best finales.

What was on the show

We start out as always talking about the top Nerd News from the week.

  • Gorillaz getting 10 Episode Cartoon
  • Good Morning America promoted Free Comic Book Day
  • Cinedigm making IP Man TV Show
  • Rock talks Black Adam film
  • Last Jedi teaser release (speculations into teaser 1 2)
  • Casting News (Jude Law as Dumbledore and Josh Brolin as Cable)

We go a little more in depth with the casting news and what we think about it.

Nerd Fight poll results and new poll

We discuss the craziness that happened with this week’s Nerd Fight: The Best Dr. Who Companion and the results .

We talk about our new Nerd Fight: Best CW Show Currently Running (If you haven’t voted, go get your vote in!)

CW Coming Back From Hiatus

We talk our excitement about the CW Superhero shows getting ready to come back, what we think will happen and what news has already come.

Star Wars

Celebration happened this week, we talk the 40th Anniversary Panel and our thoughts on The Last Jedi teaser, as well as the sad news that came with SWtOR that update 5.2 was getting delayed.

That’s it for this week go ahead and give it a view if you haven’t already and remember to like and subscribe. Leave a comment if you have any ideas for future Nerd Fights or topics and stories you would like us to talk about.



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