Podcast Episode 4 Preview: Doctor Who Companions and Best CW Shows

Hello to everyone out there in the Nerdiverse from your faithful friends here at Malice-Corp!

With the weekend fast approaching, we wanted to give you a podcast Episode 4 preview. We podcast a live episode every week on YouTube. You can actually join in the conversation with us on the chat channel and give us your insights. This is also your chance as a viewer to throw in your favorite pick for our weekly nerd fight poll.

Last Week’s Episode

In our last episode, we had a great conversation about who was the best Doctor Who companion. Now, some of you have complained that your favorite Who companion was not represented in the poll. The way that our nerd fight poll works is that each podcast guest picks their favorite. We then go to the chatline to get fan votes to add to our list. From there, we compile the list and put out the weekly poll. The winner of the poll gets bragging rights during the next podcast and they also get first pick for their favorite for the next week’s poll.

Doctor Who Companion Poll

This week has seen an epic fight among Doctor Who fans. Currently the poll is lead by Captain Jack Harkness played by John Barrowman, which happens to be my pick. By joining into the conversation on our podcast, it allows your nerd voice to be heard! We would love to have more options for you to vote on but we need you there on the podcast.

Podcast Episode 4


John Barrowman Twitter
John Barrowman motivating the fans

This week’s podcast will feature some nerd news updates with our latest breaking stories in the geek world. After that, we will discuss the results of the Doctor Who companion poll. I plan to say a lot of thank yous and a big special thank you to John Barrowman himself who showed the Malice-Corp team some love this week by re-tweeting my plea for votes. This has broken the race open though as Doctor Who fans have flooded the site to cast their vote.

Next Week’s Poll

Next up, we will talk about our new poll for next week which will ask: What is the best CW show right now? I know there will be some love for Stephen Amell, John Barrowman, and Arrow. We will most assuredly see a pick for Flash, Supernatural, and maybe iZombie or one of the other hot running CW shows like Jane the Virgin. The possibilities are wide open but in order to make sure your pick is in the running, we would love for you to join us and tell us why your show is THE best CW show.

Super Natural Logo

How to Watch and Listen

You can catch our live stream podcast on Friday night. We should be going live around 8pm PST and the show usually lasts about an hour. If you happen to have a hot date or just can’t make the show, we do post an edited version the next day. So, please go to our YouTube channel and subscribe which will then get you notifications when we are going live, and it helps our YouTube profile when you and your friends subscribe. Every bit of support helps us to put out more content. Thank you as always for the support! Follow us on Twitter @MaliceCorp. Like us on Facebook, Malice Corp. And don’t forget, stay nerdy out there!  

– BCON, Editor


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