Happy Freakin’ Anniversary, Malice Corp.!

As of March 3rd, 2018, it’s one year we’ve been welcoming all geek enthusiasts and nerd aficionados. Hoary heights ho!
You know, many wonder just what a “geek” or a “nerd” is. Well, being SUCH an old duffer that I can (sorta) remember the time before Nintendo had any consoles, this here’s an Igor who can tell you!

(All Context Given from the U.S.A.)

Long, long after the popular use of the word “geek” – ask a German language professor about the usage of the word “geck.” Geek became widely popular in the United States by roughly the late twentieth century (1960s-1970s). It started out as meaning “a heavy thinking, but socially awkward person.” Geek has taken on a variety of definitions since then, but dictionaries agreeing or no, the most common stateside use is “someone who avidly follows a particular topic or activity to the borderline of obsession”.

What is a “nerd?” Well, much like geek, nerd was long a pejorative term. Oddly enough, in the earliest recorded use of the word, it was not a pejorative, or even describing a person at all. A Nerd was a critter in the zoo in Dr. Seuss’ book “If I Ran the Zoo,” published in 1950.

Earliest usage of the term for people meant a “socially awkward person who obsesses over intellectual pursuits, and does nothing else.” Overlapping of the two former insults comes from so many forms of entertainment back then and now being so heavily themed around mathematics, strategy, and reading – i.e. chess, checkers, Dungeons & Dragons, video games, books, and comic books – that it was inevitable that both social groups would intermingle like Rum and Coke.

Today, as most commonly accepted, a nerd is someone who is devoted to any mental hobby and/or way of life. Really, both nerds and geeks are the folks who love to flex their intellects and imaginations. The creators and the researchers. The ones who love to think. That being the case, as you are here right now, for our anniversary I wanted to share all of the weirdest and most interesting crap I’ve learned by doing my research for Malice Corp like the good little Igor I am…


Variegation of Voluminous Verisimilitude

  • Google was tracking you until November of 2017, even if you had clicked the “do not track my location” option.
    For shame, Google. What happened to Don’t be evil?
  • Dante Basco (whom y’all remember as Rufio from “Hook”, Prince Zuko from “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” or as “Who?”) made a short film about Rufio’s origin story, and released it on YouTube!
  • Apple got sneaky in the tech battle. That new (as of this writing) movie “Unsane” was entirely filmed on an IPhone! Apparently, director Steven Soderbergh really enjoyed it, too!
  • Are you a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic fan? If so, did you know you’re a Dungeons & Dragons geek? Seriously-the whole game system was based on the D&D 3rd edition D20 system.


A Paean to Proliferating Promulgation of Percipience!

  • Feeling the pressure? Afraid of how far away the ground is? Worry not! Down does not exist. Just ask your friendly neighborhood physicist! But not your friendly neighborhood theoretical physicist, or you’ll be there all day. Hehee.
  • I know what you’ll be doing on New Year’s Eve 2019 – skywatching! That’s when the New Horizons probe will finally be within close range of the first of Pluto’s further out neighboring bodies. Named “KBO 2014 MU69” …so far. It’s a fascinating thing that has such a strange shape on the first shots of it, that it is likely either a peanut-shaped planetoid, or a binary body – two planetoids in close orbit of each other, with a moon orbiting them. How cool is that?
  • The United Arab Emirates donated $50,000,000 to Johns Hopkins University just this February to open the Sheik Khalifa Stroke Institute, which will have branches in Baltimore and Abu Dhabi. Sorry Sonic, THAT is way past cool.
  •  Otsuka, the makers of popular anti-psychotic medication Abilify debuted their Abilify MyCite pill – as termed by the FDA, a “digital pill” – that will transmit a signal to doctors (and others) when it is swallowed, so that they can tell the patient has taken their pill, and when. Will this be a boon to us staying focused on something so important as taking our medicine, or another wedge of distrust wedged between us and doctors? Time will tell.
  • Some of us remember that the cartoon show SpongeBob Squarepants had quite a wide array of sea creatures featured in it. There was a reason behind that, and the cartoon having a sea life theme from the very beginning: show creator Stephen Hillenburg was a Marine Biologist. The more you know!

A Savvy Salon of Social Science!

  • Goldberg’s Peanut Chews, staple of candy counters around the United States for many decades, was originally crafted to be rations during World War One!
  • Activision Blizzard, longtime purveyors of such trash as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, and treasures like Overwatch, actually owns the Candy Crush app as well. Just in case anyone was wondering why the app abruptly received a TV game show – hosted by Mario Lopez – months after the game’s popularity had died down.
  • Chaleo Yoovidhya, the creator of Red Bull, died only recently. He was eighty-nine. Race on at fidgety, terrific speeds in Heaven, you beautiful bastard.

Some Would Call it a… Nerd Fight!

  • The battle of Redbox v. Disney rages on, and the little red rental kiosk is… holding their own! Disney is suing Redbox for selling digital download codes from Disney movies that the Rebox company has legally purchased, and Redbox is countersuing Disney for anti-competitive practices. The latest development? An injunction against Redbox for those sales was denied by Judge Dean Pregerson in California Central District Court. This is getting interesting.
  • China has long been a country with difficulties for those who aren’t, well, rich. From an economy just a few decades ago that led to police raids on video game retail shops (for bootlegging) to laws against spitting in Beijing, it’s been a rough ride. But now things are changing. This country that long had NO middle class at all has such a powerful, fast-growing one that many moviemakers are looking to them as the new theater-going public. Which, in terms of highest amount money spent, has long been the province of the United States. Even extremely expensive companies like Airbus are moving in due to the vast increase in air travel, thanks to that new middle class. They manufacture the sort of passenger planes you’re used to seeing only in movies – the ones so big that they have FOUR rows of seating, and two aisles! Looks like I have TWO middle classes to root for now.
  • On a much lighter note, y’know that instrument of torture, that Japanese product of our videogame geek nightmares, Dark Souls III? You know how it’s been From Software’s bestselling rhythm game since its release? No? Surprise!

We Call it Malice Corp.

…lately, it occurs to me/what a long, strange trip it’s been

-“Truckin'”, The Grateful Dead

Thanks for reading. Kisses!


Igor, Possibly a Box

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