I am One Overgeared Fanboy Away from Losing My SH*T! In Warcraft

How Over-geared Dicks are Ruining World of Warcraft 


I was excited for Legion content for World of Warcraft 7.2. I wanted content, story, and the chance to fly. What did we get? Endless grinding. Over and over the same quests, the same world quests, and the hundreds of dungeons and raids a person has to do to advance the Order Hall, artifact, or profession, make the game tedious instead of exciting.

However, this is not the worst Legion has to offer. Along with crappy content it has roaming douche bags and trolls. These are the many “fanboys” who haunt the dungeons and raids for stuff, leveling, money, mounts, pets and gear. Now there are people out there that do the dungeons and raids who play to improve the experience for themselves and others. Just when the action is getting good, there is a player that decides to post your damage stats to tell you that your character is playing below their average and you should step it up or get kicked. At this point I’d rather be covered in paper cuts and dipped into an ocean of lemon juice than play with this fucker.

Why is this a Problem for Warcraft Players?

This type of play sucks the fun out the game faster than a tornado in a trailer park. It makes new players want to quit and I don’t blame them. Makes older established players want to get on their horde and gank the “Stat Troll.”

Many of you are spitting angry with me for calling you out for your incredible douchebaggery. Some of you like playing with these competitors. But some of us would rather suck on a razor blade or eat sweet potatoes then spend another moment wondering why these guys don’t have a better hobby.

Here are some hints for you Stat Players:

  1. If you are playing in a mixed group of newbies and established players dole out your information with kindness.
  2. If you must use stats, don’t, just don’t post them like some gloating jackass. Yes, you do some incredible damage, sorry I was looking at my phone during that last boss.
  3. Save the bad attitude for when your mother calls down into the basement to come up for supper.

My point is, most of us play World of Warcraft to have fun. It is not a job for us but a way to relax. If it is your job, bravo! But if it isn’t, then kick back, chill out, and let others ruin their health by having too much stress.

-From the Mind of GiaTomcat

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