Nintendo Switch released March 3 2017

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It may or maybe not have escaped your notice that Nintendo‘s new console released this week, on March 3 to be exact.  The Nintendo Switch is newest offering from the people that gave us the NES, many of you nerds out there first experience with home console gaming.

The buzz around this console was high back in January when many big box retailers began accepting pre-orders and had to stop because of fears of not being able to fulfill those pre-orders based on their stock projections.  That may have been a really smart move because they are gone.  Sold out every where at the time of the writing of this article.  Best Buy reportedly had a Midnight release much like a ‘Black Friday sale’.

Switch Super Bowl Commercial

If you are not familiar with the Nintendo Switch it is a mobile gaming platform that the people at Nintendo claim can through the use of a docking station become a more traditional console.  It still has a game catalog of family

Nintendo Switch blue/pink
Switch hardware specs

friendly game titles, be it small at the moment.  We will talk about that a little later.  For you hard core tech heads out there you can find all the Switches and the docking station’s specs on Nintendo’s web site here.





The switch comes in two bundles seen below:

Now for the game catalog talk.  Unlike Nintendo’s earlier game systems the Switch will not be pre-bundled with any titles.  So that meZelda_bannerans even after you shell out the $299.99 plus tax you are going to have to grab a title or two.  Currently at the time of writing this article there are 12 titles available, but lets face it all we care about is the new Zelda, am I right.  If you want to have a look at the other titles follow the link to check them out.

Switch game Catalog

But lets take a look at the new The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wind, oh please yes please!


So which one of my console owning friends is going to invite me over for some Zelda binge play.  I will bring the beer and pizza. With it being release for the Wii U as well I am ready to hunt rupees on either


I myself personally have fallen away from the console games because of the flexibility of PC gaming, but that still doesn’t stop me from wanting one to play the latest Zelda!  I am looking forward to seeing how well the Switch is received by all the people that purchased them and other Malice-Corp contributors reviews.

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