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Years ago when it was announced that Netflix was in development to make their own original content, it was met with sighs by many. I mean what could the DVD shipping service, that didn’t have enough great things to watch on streaming, really bring? Well they have since proved us wrong, time and time again. Netflix brings us fantastic shows, revives past fandoms, and just knocks it out of the park, and they’ve got more coming.

Netflix steps into the Geek Worlddefenders

A new vein was found by Netflix a couple years ago, in the way of Marvel and comic book shows. They saw how rich the vein was and haven’t let up. Starting with Daredevil, they’ve given us a great representation of the characters they’ve tackled. At least for the most part, Iron Fist was not well received. In just a few months, we will be getting The Defenders. An epic team pairing of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist. Beyond that we will get our first full season of The Punisher, who was far and above the best part of season 2 of Daredevil.

Ripples from the pebble in the water

After seeing the embrace that these Marvel shows got from the geek community. Netflix took a classic trope from Hollywood. ” We found pay dirt!! Let’s keep digging!!” The benefit here is they aren’t only doing the same thing over, and over, and over again. Instead they are looking at tapping into other things that were loved within that community. Namely bringing the Nerd-stalgia back.

Bringing all us older nerds and geeks things like new Voltron cartoons. Giving us something to look at with loving memories, whilst creating new ones. They just recently kept this trend going, bringing on the king of nerds, from yesteryear, with Bill Nye. Bill Nye has been a loved person among many, remembering all he taught us on his children’s TV show. His new show on Netflix Bill Nye Saves the World is fantastic. Bringing science back to the front focus for new learners, while stepping up with what he has to talk about, and keeping the adults that grew up with him involved.  Netflix continued with reviving the cult classic show Mystery Science Theater 3000, using our geek peers Patton Oswalt and Felicia Day as cast members.

Witcher The_Witcher_3

It seems Netflix will not be letting up, however staying further in the nerd/geek pop culture vein. Announcing two of it’s newest shows coming to the streaming service.

First, it was announced that Netflix would be doing a television series based off The Witcher Videogame. The Witcher has been an ever popular series in the gaming community. The most recent effort, Witcher 3, was rich in story with tons of gameplay time. Based in a fantasy world filled with the supernatural and mystic. There is a wealth of potential for a television series. Add to it the fact that Game of Thrones has only 2 seasons left, and HBO is scrounging to make sure they have something to fill the void with potential spin-offs. Witcher is the series that could grab the Game of Thrones audience.

Dark Crystal Dark_Crystal

Not only did they announce a Witcher series, they also announced something that fans have been hoping a very long time for. They will be bringing Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal back with a new story. I myself can not wait for this, seeing as I consider myself a HUGE Jim Henson fan. All we have gotten so far in visuals for this is, a small video showing concept art and a snippet of puppetry. That is what has me most excited, they are not taking the easy approach with animation and CGI. They are staying true to the original form, using the creepy style of puppets (Muppets) from the original film. I hope it is received well enough to get more then one season, and not get the same aftermath that happened to The Muppets on ABC.

If your a fan of everything Netflix has been doing, sound off in the comments below. Is there a property that you hope Netflix will develop next? Do you think they are over stepping their bounds and should stay away from some of these properties? We want to know your thoughts.

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