Nerd Fight Results: Best Supernatural Character

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Last week’s nerd fight poll was best Supernatural character. As always we took to Twitter, Reddit, and any other social media platform we could think of to try and get your votes for our picks. So who came out on top and was crowned Best SPN Character.

(Be aware there are some spoilers for the season 12 season finale. You have been warned)

Nerd Fight Supernatural Character Last Place

John Winchester (Fans):SPN_ John_Winchester

Daddy Winchester played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan is not the Dad that everyone loves. JDM has a large fan base in other pop culture medium’s. From Grey’s Anatomy to Walking Dead he is adored in some way shape or form. When it comes to SPN not so much. More look at him as a dead beat dad that didn’t give the brothers proper love. This resulted in him only getting 5 votes.

7th Place

Charlie Bradbury (Fans):SPN_Charlie_Felicia_Day

Charlie is adored, and considered one of the greatest tragedies in the SPN universe. Played by Felicia Day that only just increase the love for her, I mean honestly how can you not adore Felicia. Despite all the wonderful things Felicia does in the Nerd/Geek Pop Culture scene, she continues being under-appreciated. The results were the same here as she only got 22 votes, giving her a jump from last but not beyond that.

6th Place:

Baby  the 1967 Impala (BigPapaMatt) :SPN_Baby_Impala

Sure the car isn’t an actor on the show, and it doesn’t talk to you like KITT from Night Rider (Well, except that one time Gabriel turned Sam into the Impala as Knight Rider…..) But it is a big part of the show and it truly is a character of it’s on. BigPapaMatt thought he was being clever with the pick, and the rest of the cast agreed. However the voters didn’t only helping the car only get 26 votes.

5th Place:

Crowley (Jack Malice):SPN_crowley

This may have been the worst time to pick Crowley. After finding out the week prior that he was responsible for a death, the fans weren’t to please with him. Unfortunately his potentially untimely fate in the season finale, was not enough to give him a boost out of 5th, coming in with 41 votes.

4th Place:

Sam Winchester (Gia Tomcat): SPN_Sam_Winchester

Okay this one is GD surprising. Is he the best of the brothers? No, but nobody saw him being out of the top 3 with only 56 votes. Circumstances in the season finale might attribute to it. Those circumstances being….

3rd Place:

Bobby Singer (BCON) : SPN_Bobby

Bcon went with the family vote, taking his son’s favorite character. It payed off in the way of 3rd place, higher then anticipated. Most likely the reasoning for this being the return of Bobby in the season finale. He saw a surge of votes after the episode aired with 59 votes total.

2nd Place:

Dean Winchester (SuperWhovianFreak): SPN_Dean_Winchester

When it came to the top two all you had to do was flip a coin on who it would be. This time it was not Jensen Ackles’ character, Dean Winchester. Dean is definitely the more appreciated brother, however this week there was a more appreciated character. Just like Jensen gets robbed of any chance at an Emmy many will say he was robbed of winning the poll. Coming in big over 3rd place with 127 votes, but not enough to topple the crowned Nerd Fight Best SPN Character….

1st Place:

Castiel (Mest5150)

Nerd Fight: Best Supernatural Character

Castiel is our champion. He came out of the gate swinging, jumping ahead quickly. He never looked back. Yes there were things that had happened earlier and throughout the week that may have helped. Misha Collins, who plays Castiel was getting hit hard by trolls in his real life. Misha lost in a E News poll just week’s prior, fueling the fan’s passion. Misha’s 100th episode which in itself incited a celebration. Lastly a season finally that had Cas fans up in arms. These could have all played apart, but the true part played here was the fantastic Castiel and Misha fans that backed the vote. I would like to say thank you to the following Twitter accounts for the love and support :

  •    First and foremost @CastielDreamer who really got the ball rolling.
  • After that the biggest support came from @joggerwriting followed by many others – @SherlockianMish, @MarvelAssButts, @nalle_B_munk, @livelaughmisha, @ninetynineshake, @NOriginalAddict, @MishMashMinion, @realbluej, @rosalinepancake, @ciscasciscas, @Mieczysiaslaw, @Belovedmeesh, @Mishbot_

The support was greatly appreciated and Castiel and Misha won because of it.


I hope everyone had fun with the poll. Next weeks Nerd Fight is Best The Flash Character. Minus The Flash himself just to make it somewhat fair. Please keep the fun, the fight for fandom, and the conversations going.


MEST5150 – Contributor

Twitter – @Mest_MaliceCorp

Instagram – Mest5150


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    May 21, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    Awesome article! Thank you for conducting the vote. These characters are all amazing.

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      May 21, 2017 at 7:34 pm

      Glad you enjoyed it. That is our main goal. Having a conversation about our fandom while having fun.


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