Nerd Fight: Best Non-Force User

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This week’s Nerd Fight is Best Non-Force User in the Star Wars Universe. We talk about our picks on the Episode 7 Podcast on the Malice Corp Channel. We and the Audience watching made our picks now it’s your turn to vote.

Boba Fett:SW_Boba_Fett

Arguably one of the most iconic characters in all of Pop Culturedom. To have original only had enough lines to fit into one tweet. His popularity has grown so large over time, that he was brought back from the dead in the Legend books. Everybody is waiting til Disney announce his own anthology set of film(s). Thank you to Joe Johnston and Daniel Logan for helping support.

Han Solo: SW_Han_Solo

The scoundrel that everybody loves. Han is one of the original core 3 main characters from the Original trilogy. Loyal to his friends and the Rebellion. If a situation calls for it he’s not afraid to shoot first.

Grand Admiral Thrawn: SW_Grand_Admiral_Thrawn

The only non Human Grand Admiral in the entire Empiral Navy. Master tactician and stratagist. His focus is being truly loyal to the Empiral people and the Empire, not necessarily the Emporer. He’ll do what ever it takes to achieve results. The only non-canon character from the Legends Storyline to be pulled into canon due to his sheer love from fan base.


A R2 unit astromech droid made by Industrial Automaton. One of the most vocal characters without saying an actual word. R2-D2 and his partner in crime C-3PO are the only charcters to actually appear in all of the Star Wars Core films.


Han Solo’s right hand Wookie and Co-pilot of the Millenium Falcon. From the planet Kashyyk, Chewbacca is the most famous of all Wookies. Just remember this point of advice, “Let the Wookie win” and check out Bcon’Bacca’s plea for votes.

Wedge Antilles: SW_Wedge_Antilles

The best pilot to fly in the Rogue Squadron. Wedge is the only Pilot to actually fly into the Death Star twice. On top of this the actor that played Wedge is related to Ewan Mcgregor in real life, the man who gave us the best acting in the Pre-Quels.

Grand Moff Tarkin: SW_Grand_Moff_Tarkin

The only man that Darth Vader himself had to take orders from. Grand Moff Tarkin ran the most efficient battle station and if not for a small exhaust port and the force, he would have wiped out the rebellion.

What is your Favorite Non-Force using Star Wars Character



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