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With the Fall season comes the return of some of our favorite shows. Along with that also comes the attempts from  networks to give us our new favorite shows, and there have been a lot of offerings. A couple weeks ago the Malice Corp crew sat down on the Malice Cast Live podcast to talk about some of theses new shows. If you missed it make sure to check it out on the Malice Corp YouTube channel. After discussing the shows it was time for our latest Nerd Fight: Most Anticipated New TV Show. Well the fight has concluded and the results are in.

Most Anticipated New Fall TV Show Results

Young Sheldon:


Coming in at last place with 2 votes. The spin-off of The Big Bang Theory is no Mork and Mindy – which was a spin-off of Happy Days. There is heart and a genuineness to it, but it just doesn’t have the same appeal that BBT gives. Bcon said the best part of the show is “The voice-over from adult Sheldon.” Due to the heart and how huge of a success BBT is the show may get  more then one season, but it’s not winning any polls.



Our Editor says “You’re all a bunch of stupid doodoo heads.” Exact quote. After Orville came in next to last. Barely beating out Young Sheldon. Once again a show that provides the heart and love for a fan of Star Trek. Especially those fans of Next Generation. While the pilot was a dumpster fire and parody of Star Trek, the subsequent episodes have gotten better while focusing on most of the crew. The majority of us still feel Seth Macfarlane on camera is the downfall of this show, while 2 of our crew say it is perfect. Unfortunately for them most thought otherwise, and it only got 4 votes total.

The Good Doctor:


If not for a typo the first few days The Good Doctor may have been higher on the poll. The Good Doctor originally listed as The Good Wife on the poll, resulted in many perplexed individuals. We’re guessing SuperWhovianFreak wasn’t pleased with The Good Wife no longer being on the air. Despite the hiccup, The Good Doctor still came away with 11 votes putting it square in the middle of the pack. Supported by a strong cast and an interesting concept. The show is definitely worth checking out. Especially if you have been a fan of ER and Grey’s Anatomy.

Star Trek: Discovery:


The show that the cast felt wholeheartedly, hands down, is the best new show on TV couldn’t get past 3rd place. With 18 votes not being far behind from the leader, but as it’s said “close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.” Granted the show is great and deserves to be watched. However CBS Studios has decided to be greedy and force you to subscribe to their streaming service in order to watch. Leaving many with a bad taste in their mouth, and staying away from it. Maybe that will change with time.

Me, Myself and I:


Coming in second place by one vote. Probably due in part to me getting involved in this Nerd Fight, and tweeting about it. Resulting in getting likes from Bobby Moynihan and Mandell Maughan. Seriously though, the show is funny with a great new idea. Not to mention the fact it also has John Larroquette and Jaleel White. After all the great television comedies with SNL alumni, Brooklyn 99, 30 Rock, and Parks & Rec to name a few. It’s worth checking out.

The GiftedThe_Gifted

Squeaking out the win with 23 votes. I guess if it’s called a Nerd Fight then a show with comic book themes should win. I mean since the Star Trek-centric stuff couldn’t do it. A show heavily entrenched in the 20th Century Fox world of Marvel’s X-Men. With characters already familiar from the comics, and actors from previous geek friendly franchises – Amy Acker and Stephen Moyer – it’s no wonder it came out on top. The show looks good, and will have the comic fans digging for every Marvel Easter Egg that pops up. The first episode had snippets of the theme song from the 90’s X-Men cartoon, a painting of a wolverine (the animal not the character,) and the required Stan Lee appearance.

Best Horror Franchise:

Our new Nerd Fight poll has started. The best horror franchise. Make sure you check out the article and vote every 12 hours. Don’t let something you don’t like win. Join us on MaliceCast Live this Friday 10/22/17 on YouTube for updates of where the poll is at and re-buttles of why you should choose everyone’s pick.

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