Nerd Fight Poll Results: Which Previous Winner Should be Made Into a Game?

Results for Which Previous Winner Should be Made Into a Game?

Which previous Winner Reigned Once Again?

So we changed things up a bit for this Nerd Fight Poll. Pitting past winners against each other to see which winner fans most wanted to see in a video game. We also asked people to give us ideas for what the games they wanted these characters to be in. We got some amazing ideas that we discussed in last night’s podcast. So go over and give that a listen to hear some of the amazing ideas people came up with. So let’s get on with the results.

Last Place:

Iris West/Merlin

After dominating the last 2 polls, Iris gained no traction in this weeks poll. She tied with Merlin at the bottom this week. Apparently being the most well known wizard and the Flash’s Fiance doesn’t lend itself to fun video games.

Image result for Iris West gifsImage result for merlin arthurian legend



7th Place:

Kill Bill:

Even though it didn’t get as much traction as I thought it would this would make an amazing video game. Who wouldn’t want to handpick your own assassination team and do battle MMO style? I know I do.


Image result for kill bill gifs


6th Place:


This one kills me a little to see so low. Cas has a much stronger fan base as we know from the last poll. I think we dropped the ball in reaching out to his fans. I will be reaching out going forward to see what amazing video game ideas they inspire.


Image result for castiel gifs



5th Place:

Boba Fett:

I am actually surprised a game with this guy doesn’t exist. He is super popular in this world and has a lot of content to support a game. Boba living in a dystopian universe after escaping the sarlaac pit? Yes please.


Image result for boba fett gifs


4th Place:


This is another one I think will actually have a video game. Once it eventually goes off the air, don’t be surprised to see a MMO type game that takes you through the Winchesters story.


Image result for supernatural gifs


3rd Place:


James Marsters is no stranger to doing voice-overs, being the Dresden Files audio narrator. Spike has an amazing backstory and his time running around with Drusilla, Angelus and Darla could fill many games.

Image result for spike gifs


2nd Place:

Arthur Ketch:

#SketchyKetchy got some likes from the man himself. There was a large thread going on twitter on different ideas for games. I think my personal favorite was a Cas/Ketch Team up in an Untouchable style video game. I would spend my money on that for sure.


Image result for arthur ketch gifs

1st Place:

Captain Jack Harkness

Thanks to a timely tweet from the amazing Barrowman himself, Captain Jack soared off and secured victory for the second time. I am disappointed to say there is no current Torchwood game in existence. But Captain Jack in an X-Com style game seemed popular amongst our fans. There is no denying the appeal of Jack or Barrowman, and why he inspires such a passionate fan base.

Image result for captain jack harkness gifs

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I hope everyone had fun with the poll. Next weeks Nerd Fight is Favorite Film or Television Father. Because what better way to celebrate Father’s Day by reflecting on our favorite Fictional Fathers.

If you haven’t caught this weeks Youtube MaliceCast Podcast please do so and remember to like and subscribe. Please leave any thoughts about the above items below in the comments. Again, we thank you. We hope to see you in the Nerd Fight again starting on 6/3/17 at 12:00:01 AM PST.


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