Nerd Fight Poll Results: Best Buffy Side Character

Hello Out there to all my fellow geeks and nerds from your friends at Malice-Corp

I am dropping in to reveal the winner of last weeks poll. This poll pitted our favorite Buffy side characters against one another. Fans of the poll were vocal about their favorites, and also loud in how they shunned their not so favorites. Overall it was a fun competition that hopefully will continue on into the future.

How The Poll is Determined

As a reminder, the way that we determine who is in the polls is based on the genuine interests of the podcast participants. This isn’t just a standard list of the ‘Top 10 whatever.’ When you watch the podcast you see why each podcast participant picked who they picked. We also have been taking fan votes via the live chat and also through twitter. So speak out during the chats and hit us up on twitter or Facebook before we put the polls live on Sunday morning and we will see you and we will listen. The poll runs until Friday evening and then the winner is announced on the following day.

The Best Buffy Side Character Poll Results

So this week saw some interesting battling for supremacy amongst Buffy Characters. Looking at the choices on the poll and where everyone finished up may surprise you.

Last Place

Xander, we will always love your inability to get things.

No love was shown for Xander this week. Twitter’s pick for the week, didn’t take off like expected. His fans took their cues from Xander and hid until the poll was over.

6th Place

Faith finally learned

BCON’s pick for the week was the Dark Slayer. Faith is a character you either love or hate, and this week the voters chose hate. We all know though no matter what, Faith will always rebound in the end.

5th Place


Jack Malice’s pick for the week was Oz. The quietest of the scooby gang started off hot then stalled towards the end. Jack should have taken my advice and dressed like an authentic Eskimo to get Oz more votes.

4th Place

Maybe this is what scared the voters off

Angel, Mest5150 pick for the week, didn’t perform as expected. Apparently, fans are holding on to their grudge when Angel left Sunnydale (and Buffy) and jetted off to fight crime in LA.

3rd Place


Willow, Sunnydale’s native witch and the fan vote for the week rocked up to third place this week. Willow fans should have picked this week to give up on magic and use their witchy powers to secure Willow the win.

2nd Place


GiaTomcat’s Pick for the week was for Giles. Maybe finished higher than expected, but Mr. Reliable pulls through with the voters for second place. Maybe if he had rebelled a little bit more he could have stolen the win.

The Winner


The fans have spoken and spoken loudly. My pick, Spike, as I expected it would, thrashed all the competition. Spike rolled in with bad ass swagger and leather jacket and never looked back. What can I say, fans love a Bad Boy with leather and an accent who turns good. My thanks to the many voters who shot my pick up to number 1.


Wrap Up

So there you have it, best Buffy side character is complete. Thanks to all who came and participated, we enjoyed greatly seeing you participate and have fun with it. Our poll this week will be dealing with the vast and wonderful world that is Nintendo games. So keep your eye out for that, and watch our latest podcast if you want to see what the picks will be. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel while you are there, and check us out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well. Peace out nerds and nerdettes until next time.

-Superwhovianfreak Out

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