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We are back with another poll for this week. Last week saw the fight for the best CW show. Supernatural was the victor by a landslide, leaving everyone in the impala’s dust. You can see the results of last week’s poll posted by me. On each week’s podcast the Malice Corp crew will each choose who they want to put in the ring. Winner from the previous weeks poll gets to pick first in the new weeks poll. This week we are delving into the world of Buffy

So because the 20th Anniversary is around we thought we would give some love Buffy’s way. When it debuted, on a tiny network still struggling to forge its identity, the idea that Buffy would become one of the most influential TV dramas of all time would have seemed laughable. Based on a little-seen movie that garnered bad reviews from most critics, the series arrived with no-name actors on The WB, a network with not a lot of breakout shows. The network also decided to hand over control of the show to Joss Whedon, the man who wrote the screenplay for the movie. Whedon had never been a showrunner, and he was still very young.

Yet by the end of its seven seasons, Whedon and Buffy had reinvented the face of television. Buffy was really good at pulling together lots and lots of different ideas and strands from the cultural ether and twining them together into something more powerful than its individual elements. And for having a cast built up of almost all no name actors, it really depended on their chemistry to draw you in and make you care. And did they ever make you care. So here is our contenders for this week’s poll, Best supporting Buffy character.

Oz (Seth Green)

Oz is Jack malice’s pick for this week. He is a taciturn, guitar-playing teen, and the lead guitarist of the band Dingoes Ate My Baby. In his senior year, he became Willow’s boyfriend. Oz witnessed a vampire being dusted by Buffy while he was Willow’s date at a surprise birthday party for Buffy, thus becoming a member of the Scooby Gang. Oz became a werewolf in season 3, and ultimately left the show in season 4 when he needed to get the werewolf in him under control.


Willow (Alyson Hannigan)

The fan vote for the week, Willow Rosenberg was a witch native to Sunnydale, and a founding member of the Scooby Gang. The best friend and semi-official sidekick of Buffy, Willow started out as a meek and largely unassertive computer nerd, but eventually grew to be a powerful and authoritative individual.When she became a true Dark Willow after Tara’s death she was arguably the most powerful character the show had seen up to that point.


Xander (Nicholas Brendon)

Twitters pick for the week Alexander “Xander” Harris was the best friend of Buffy and a founding member of the Scooby Gang. Being the only one of his group of friends to not possess any supernatural abilities, Xander was usually the one who saw everything beyond the supernatural. Undeniably Xander was the heart of the Scoobies. Xander was known to be very humorous and sarcastic, especially in the face of danger.


Faith (Eliza Dushku)

Bcon’s pick for the week, Faith was the slayer called when Kendra was killed by Drusilla. She became a friend and ally of the Scoobies, although she held herself back  and always felt like an outsider to the group. Numerous events and circumstances took a toll on Faith’s better judgement and she defected to the side of the evil. By joining the Mayor she finally found the stable father figure she always wanted. On the day before the climactic Graduation Day Ascension,  Faith was critically injured by Buffy and put in a coma, from which she awakened eight months later.She eventually became remorseful of her past and willingly surrendered herself to LAPD. She broke out in season 7 to rejoin the side of good and help Buffy take on the first.


Spike (James Marsters)

Superwhovian’s (aka me) pick for the week is Spike. It’s fair to say Spike had the biggest ‘journey’ of anyone on the show. He started off as the recurring villain we loved to hate. Spike was turned by Drusilla, and became her lover and partner in crime. Spike was feared by the scoobies having faced to slayers and beaten them both. He met his match with Buffy, unable to defeat her with the power of her family and friends behind her. He gets the chip implanted in his brain in season 4, by the initiative.

This turns him into a quasi good guy when he can still beat up demons. Spike at his core was not a bad guy, he was just a brawler looking for a good fight. He seeks and gets his soul returned in season 6 and in season 7 sacrifices himself to save the world. And let’s face it his snark and antagonism with the scoobies was hilarious.



Giles (Anthony Stewart Head)

GiaTomcat’s pick for the week was Rupert Giles. Giles was Buffy’s watcher and father figure. He was the former librarian of Sunnydale High, and the occult expert of the Scoobies. Giles was dismissed by the council on the grounds that he cared too much for Buffy. Giles had a rebellious streak he never quite lost, another reason he conflicted with the counsel. He left Sunnydale in the middle of season 6 returning to help fight dark Willow. He then took her to England to train her, returning to Sunnydale to help Buffy battle the first.


Angel (David Boreanez)

Mest5150’s pick for the week, Angel was one of the most well-known vampires in history. He was legendary for both his savage villainy and his great heroism. Sired by Darla in 1753, taking the name Angelus, he earned notoriety for being one of the most sadistic and brutal vampires in history. Both The Master and the First recognized and appreciated how purely evil Angelus was. In 1898, Angelus was cursed by gypsies as vengeance for killing a member of their clan. They returned his soul, forcing him to live eternally in guilt over the countless crimes he had committed.

Angel became an ally and lover of Buffy. After the two were forced to realize their limitations as a couple, Angel left Buffy and moved to LA, where he became a Champion for a force of good called the Powers that Be.


Time to vote

There you have it folks, those are this week’s combatants. Vote for your favorite Buffy side Character. Also, if you want to see why we chose who we did then make sure to listen to this week’s podcast. You can find it either at or YouTube. Heck, while your there you can even subscribe and that way you’ll know when our next podcast is airing.

Finally, if you would like further insights into the characters, click on their name and it will take you to their respective wiki pages. Voting goes until April 28, 11:59:59 PM PST. So, don’t dilly dally. Get your vote in and help give someone on the podcast bragging rights for this week.

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Who was the BEST supporting character in the Buffy TV series?



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