Nerd Fight: Best Non-Force Character Results

Good Day to all the Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados!!

This week’s Nerd Fight has come to a close. A long time ago in a Twitterverse very close to your vicinity. We went to battle for Best Non-Force User in the Star Wars Universe. We pulled out our blasters and proceed to try and take each other out. In the end only one could still be left standing. Who was it?

7th Place

Grand Moff Tarkin (Fan Vote)SW_Grand_Moff_Tarkin

He may have almost squashed the rebellion with the Death Star and be the only non-force user that could tell Darth Vader what to do. Despite this he was unable to strike fear into the voters and tell them what to do. Coming in last with 5 votes.

6th Place

Wedge Antilles (BigPapaMatt)SW_Wedge_Antilles

Leader of the Rogue Squadron and possibly the best pilot in the Star Wars universe. Wedge was unable to show his badassery and get the fans behind him With 9 votes Wedge went down in a ball of flames with his X-Wing.

5th Place

R2 -D2 (Fan Vote)SW_R2_D2

R2-D2 is cool under pressure and has a tool for every scenario. Unfortunately this time he didn’t have the tools needed to get more votes to rocket to the top spot. Coming in with 26 votes, it may be time to replace his motivator.

4th Place

Grand Admiral Thrawn (Jack Malice)SW_Grand_Admiral_Thrawn

The only non-human in the Empiral Navy. Thrawn is a master strategist that will do what ever it takes to achieve his end goal for the Empirical people. Unfortunately it seems the end goal was not to win this poll as Thrawn came in 4th with 49 votes.

3rd Place

Chewbacca (Bcon) SW_Chewbacca

Han Solo’s partner in crime and right hand Wookie. Chewbacca has been through thick and thin to help out the rebellion, not thinking twice when needed. Despite video help from his cousin Bcon’bacca asking for your votes, he came in 3rd with 52 votes. Time to guard our arm sockets as we didn’t, “Let the Wookie win.”

2nd Place

Han Solo (SuperWhovianFreak)SW_Han_Solo

The greatest scoundrel in the galaxy. Han speaks his mind, protects his friends and oozes charisma. Portrayed by one of the most iconic actors to grace the Silver Screen, Harrison Ford. It was highly unlikely that he wasn’t going to run away with this poll. In fact Han started out in the lead, shooting up to first (give it a moment you’ll figure it out). Unfortunately, just like Harrison Ford he missed the runaway and got passed up by the winner. He finished in 2nd with 91 votes.

1st Place

Boba Fett (Mest5150) SW_Boba_Fett

Your winner and Mandolorian Champion of Best Non-Force User, Boba Fett. The Fett lied back in wait looking for the perfect time to take the lead. A man of few words, he showed that even a decent deficit behind Han Solo wouldn’t stop him. Starting out on twitter with #HesNoGoodToUsIn2nd, helping him to take notice. Thanks to the great fans at they really stepped up with the support. On top of this the Father of Boba Fett Joe Johnston took to Twitter and Facebook to back up his creation. Finally Fett got a ReTweet from the young version of himself, Daniel Logan to lock the victory up and collect the bounty on Best Non-Force User.

Thank you to all the fans that participated in this week’s Nerd Fight, get ready for some pandemonium. The next Nerd Fight is bets Supernatural character. If you have any ideas for what Nerd Fight poll we should do in the future, you can let us know in the comments below. We would also love to see your thoughts and ideas on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.





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