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The Best Comic-Con Fandom Nerd Fight has come to an end. It is time to crown the ruler of the con. This current Nerd Fight was a two week battle from Sunday July 23, 2017 – Friday August 4, 2017. Fandoms are a large part of what makes a comic convention. People wanting to see the latest that their favorite thing has to offer. People are true fanatics, planning everything around making sure they get new items tied to that property. Sleeping in line over night just to see their favorite celebrities happens all the time. It truly is a wonder to behold. So, who is the best Comic-Con Fandom?

Last Place

Disney (Chat Room Vote)

Last time Disney had a SDCC Panel – Wreck It Ralph, Frankenweenie, and Oz the Great and Powerful at least 5 years ago.

When you think comic-con, you don’t really think Disney. This may be why Disney only received one vote. Sure they own two major comic-con properties, Star Wars and Marvel. Despite owning these, they way they have handled their dealings of these properties namely with San Diego Comic-Con has left a sour taste in some peoples mouth. Keeping the major panels for themselves at D23 Expo wasn’t a step in the right direction. Time will tell if we will ever see Star Wars return to SDCC for a panel.

Next to Last

Skybound (Big Papa Matt Choice)

Their comics are great. You really should check them out.

Skybound is a great comic book company that has a definite presence at the major conventions. The unfortunate thing is a lot of people don’t actually know the name Skybound. Here’s the common conversation when talking about Skybound:

Fanboy: “Man I love Skybound’s Comics!”

Non Fanboy: “Who?”

Fanboy: ” Robert Kirkman’s comic book company.”

Non Fanboy: “Who?”

Fanboy: ” The guy who writes Walking Dead, They do the Walking Dead and Invincible                                   comics.”

Non Fanboy: “Oh! The Walking Dead has a comic book?”

Due to this gap in understanding resulted in Skybound only getting 4 votes. Nobody can say that Walking Dead and Robert Kirkman himself don’t have a large comic-con fandom. But they can say I don’t know what Skybound is.

Next head on the chopping block

Game of Thrones: (Chat Room Choice)


Game of Thrones has a huge fandom, there is absolutely no denying that. Unfortunately, like Theon Greyjoy they were cut a little short. (Hey-O!) Game of Thrones had a week less then all the other combatants getting 6 votes. We know their is a great fandom when it comes to the entire property, and they showed that by not coming in last place without having the same amount of time as the rest. With the final two seasons of the show upon us, the fandom is just going to get more rabid.

Middle of the pack

Doctor Who ( Igor Choice)


A fandom that’s over 50 years in the making. The only non-comic book company on this list that has a history of over 50 years says a lot about The Doctor’s staying power. After 13 different versions of the lead time lord role we will be getting our first female filling the shoes. This alone can bring Doctor Who skyrocketing into the stratosphere. I’m sure in an alternate timeline Doctor Who would have been first. But, for the time being it will have to settle for 4th with 21 votes.

First Runner Up

DC Comics (Bcon Choice)


DC stepped up to the plate on the last week of the poll moving past Doctor Who into 3rd place with 25 votes. If you talked to Jack Malice our website founder, and avid hater of the Man of Steel he would have said “They lost because of Superman.” DC has had an uphill with their comic book franchises moving into the movie scene in the last few years. Wonder Woman has put this all to rest, and hopefully the future will be a bright one. Making the old argument of DC vs Marvel a re-invigorated one.

Runner Up

Supernatural (SuperWhovianFreak Choice)


As SuperWhovianFreak calls it “The little fandom that could.” Supernatural has become such a phenomenon with its long history. A show that was originally going to be canceled around it’s fifth season. Has grown in popularity and maintained for what will soon be their thirteenth season. The little fandom that could indeed. Whenever one of our Nerd Fight polls happen, and Supernatural is on the list, well we just assume a winner. It clearly looked like that was going to be the case again. Supernatural jumped out in front and maintained that leader for all of the two weeks. It came down to the last day before a challenger really emerged. With 55 votes Supernatural doubled 3rd place, but it just wasn’t enough.

Comic-Con Fandom Champion!

Marvel (Mest5150 Choice)


The original House of Ideas pulls out the win. This was not an easy win by any means. While I agree that they are the top fandom myself, hence why I picked it. It was hard to topple the fandom following that is the SPN Family. A great bunch of people from all walks of life. However, it is best COMIC – Con fandom, and a comic book company should be on top of that. Without comic books there would be no comic conventions in the first place. Marvel has set the bar with it’s current crop of Marvel Cinematic Universe films in the last 10 years. Some of the greatest characters in history have graced the pages of their comics. On top of this though a small one for some, this is a huge one for me. Marvel has turned to the world of the digital age with Marvel Unlimited a fantastic database of their past comics, and it’s updated with more every week. Something that no other mainstream comic company has done. Our champion is crowned

A new fight begins

Every single one of these fandoms is great. We pick based off of what we are passionate about not just because it’s there. With that we come across the small problem, not everyone has a vote all the time. How can you fix this? Join us on our weekly YouTube podcast MaliceCast Live, every Friday at 8PM PDT. West Coast timezone if your unaware when that is. During the cast we take picks from the live chat room for the next fight. The picks are already in for the upcoming fight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help us pick the fight after that. We would love to get your thoughts and opinions about all things nerd. Join in the fun.

The next fight is going to be Best Animated Television Series. It will run from Sunday 8/6/17 through Friday 8/18/17 11:59:59 PM PDT. You can vote once every 12 hours. Have fun with it and fight for your fave. Here are the choices from the most recent podcast.

  • The Simpsons (IC Zorro choice)
  • South Park (Mest5150 choice)
  • Futurama (Bcon choice)
  • Animaniacs (SuperWhovianFreak choice)
  • Rick and Morty (Live Chat Room Choice)
  • Phineas and Ferb (Live Chat Room Choice)
  • Thundarr the Barbarian (Jack Malice Choice)

Get ready to vote. Hashtag #NerdFight and let us know who your going for. You can tell us in the comments below, Facebook or Twitter.

Don’t forget to follow the cast on Twitter as well when they fight for their picks:

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See you guys in the gladiator ring and keep nerding on!



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