The Musicality Behind Supernatural Seasons 1-3

Supernatural: The Best Musical Moments On the Road So Far

Supernatural has had some amazing things going for it over the past 12 years. One of the strongest things it has had though has been the use of music to set the stage. Besides being an integral part of Dean’s character, the music throughout the series often works thematically to create memorable moments for the audience as well. Erik Kripke had a musical vision in mind and man did he ever nail it. He stated once:

That was something that was really important to me, coming into the Pilot. I’m from a small town in Ohio and this is the music I listen to.  So when it came time to write and produce the Pilot, it was so important to me, with all due respect to my beloved network, not to have music that is usually on that network. I think it is a real signature to the show and it is Midwestern, two guys from Kansas and a muscle car and this is the music they listen to. I love it.”

– Eric Kripke, at the Paley Panel 2006

So let’s take a stroll down memory Lane and revisit some of these wonderful moments.

Season 1

Episode 6 Skin – This song really set the tone for one of the best episodes of Season 1. I hate that netflix changed it I don’t feel like it has the same punch as this one did.

Episode 11 Scarecrow- This song went perfectly with the reveal that sweet little flirty Meg was actually a Demon working with Yellow Eyes.

Episode 12 Faith- This song was perfectly used in this scene. The song fits the situation so well. Very cool, and incredibly disturbing scene.

Episode 1×21 Salvation (And after Season 1 every years Season Finale)If I have to give a reason why this makes the List…… We clearly have a lot more to discuss then just music. Also this video is Amazing whoever made it.

Episode 1×22 Devil’s Trap– Man this song is so jaunty the fact that it was used to highlight the crash of the impala in the season’s finale just…..killed me. But memorable though…. Bad moon indeed.


Season 2

Episode 2×3 Bloodlust- Was there any other song that would have fit as well in the scene where the Boys are back in the impala for the first time since it was totalled by the Semi.

Episode 2×5 Simon Says– Because I love when Dean sings…..anything. And I miss Jo

Episode 2×12 Nightshifter– Dude this was probably my favorite ending scene in Supernatural history music wise. The “We are so screwed” to the upbeat tempo coming in immediately after? CHILLS!

Episode 2×15 Tall Tales– Slow Dancing Alien, enough said.

Episode 2×16 Roadkill – The only song in this episode, and man you don’t forget the scenes it was used.

Episode 2×18 Heart- This song, this scene breaks my fucking heart. GOD DAMMIT I’M CRYING.

Season 3

3×8 A Very Supernatural Christmas- This was a really sad scene, both brothers owning up to the realities in front of them. It’s lyrics really make you realize Sam and Dean are trying to figure out how to muddle through their situation. Also check out Sam and Dean singing Silent night earlier in the episode.

Episode 11 Mystery Spot- Trickster Induced time loop looooove it. Totally Iconic song for this episode.

Episode 13 Ghostfacers– 2 songs in one, who could forget the ghostfacers epic theme song? Or the super creepy dead man’s party at the end of episode

Episode 16, Time is on My Side– This was just sad knowing how the episode ends. But Bon Jovi does rock and I love seeing my boys sing


So there are my favorite musical memories from the first 3 seasons. I am so totally going back and re-watching now so I can relive it all. Talk to me let me know if you think I left something off that should have been included.

-SuperwhovianFreak Out

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    April 17, 2017 at 8:25 pm

    Y’know Super, you might be the one to finally convince me I’ve been underestimating Supernatural this whole time. I’m already *tempted* to sit down and watch ALL of this show.

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    April 17, 2017 at 8:47 pm

    Welcome to the darkside. We have rock Muisic, Pie/burgers and whiskey. Just wait till part 2 comes out in gets better!! I need to go finish seasons 6-12


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