May the Fourth Be with You – Doctor who style

Celebrating the 4th Doctor Style

4th Doctor  Tom Baker 1974-1981

The Fourth Doctor Starred in: 172 Episodes, 41 Serials, 7 Seasons

First Episode: Robot

Last Episode: Logopolis

The Fourth Doctor’s Companions:   

Sarah Jane Smith

K9 I & II

Harry Sullivan

Romana I & II





Signature Look:

Long multicolored Scarf

Jelly Babies


Long coat

Curly hair

Bohemian Look

Top Sayings:

“Have a jelly baby.”

“There’s no point in being grownup if you can’t be Childish sometimes”

The Fourth Doctor’s time in the TARDIS was highlighted by his irreverence, arrogant manner, self-important, and opinionated attitude. The writing in the episodes and Baker’s acting established the Doctor’s free spirited “flapdoddleness”.


Top Episodes

The Talons of Weng-Chiang

“Eureka is Greek for this bath is too hot.”

The Doctor and Leela travel to Victorian Britain. Apparently Magnus Greel, a dictator from the 51st century, escaped in a time cabinet to 19th century England, taking up the guise of the god Weng-Chiang. Because of the time technology Greel has to drain the life off of young women to keep him from disintegrating.

This episode is marked by a distinct lack of Chinese main characters and a plethora of Chinese looking minions. It is also features the doctor without his scarf and “boho” look as he assumes a Sherlock Holmes look complete with deerstalker cap and plaid overcoat. The episode is campy, and the Doctor is in his “whacky” element. Of note, Deep Roy plays the butler/assistant Mr. Sin.

Genesis of the Daleks

Not only did this serial seem to go on forever, it was filled with “Nazi” like metaphors. It is the story of the creation of the Daleks and the introduction of the one of the best Doctor Who villains, Davros. It is too bad that the Daleks have such irritating voices and seems to be the go to villains of the week. The best part of the episode happens when the doctor is faced with the power to destroy the Daleks forever. His monologue here is pure Time Lord Philosophy.

City of Death

Romana: “Where are we going?”

The Doctor: “Are you talking philosophically or geographically?”

Romana: “Philosophically”

The Doctor: “Then we’re going to lunch…”


This is Tom Baker’s regeneration episode. Baker looks very tired in this episode and it highlighted that the Doctor and the Master could actually get along. In another universe they might have been friends. In this universe he’s a psychopath and not exactly friend material. The “mysterious” figure that had been stalking the Doctor had been himself all along and started his regeneration into Peter Davidson’s fifth Doctor.

The End? 

During his tenure as the Doctor, Tom Baker proved that he was the most popular of the “classic” doctors. As much as he was likable, he was also chatty, rumpled, sensuous, maniacal, ruthless, eccentric and completely full of shit. His Doctor established “Doctor Who Tropes” that are used today. And when the 4th Doctor returned in the 50th he was still strong of voice and figure. He was magnificent, and still the same Doctor that I remembered. May the 4th be with you.

-From the Mind of GiaTomcat


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