MaliceCast S2 E6: Now It’s Getting Ridiculous

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2.6 Now It’s Getting Ridiculous

In a world where Hollywood has run out of ideas. We decided we need to talk about just how bad it’s getting with remakes and sequels.  The Malice Corp Nerds and Geeks dive into the latest headlines in Movie, TV, Comic Book, Tech, and Pop Culture. Giving their thoughts and discussing it with the live chatroom viewers.

This week we discuss:

– Greatest American Hero Remake casts it’s lead

– Sony Pictures and Wizard World Team up to create new IP’s

– George RR Martin throws another wrench in the gears of the next book for Song of Ice and Fire.

– Killer Teddy Bear movie inspired by Teddy Bears Are for Lovers getting made.

– Original Karate Kid gets another sequel

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