MaliceCast TV Talks: The Walking Dead 9×9 – Adaptation

TWD Adaptation Season 9 Episode 9 Mid Season Premiere

AMC’s The Walking Dead has returned for 2019, and with it MaliceCast TV Talks. The Malice Corp Deadheads sit down every Monday on Twitch for a 3R’s (React,Recap,&Review)podcast. Bringing you up to speed on the latest episode of The Walking Dead (TWD Adaptation), and biggest headlines going on with the show. 

THIS IS A SPOILER CAST. Don’t watch or read further if you don’t want to be spoiled. 


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S09xE09 TWD Adaptation After Show Reaction, Review, & Recap

Recapping the main storylines of the episode:

 – Michonne’s group returns to Hilltop with a deceased friend and a prisoner. 

– Luke and Aldon set out on a two man adventure only to find what they aren’t looking for.

– The Rosita love triangle is getting really crowded.

– Negan goes on a walk about. 

Comic Book Vs. Show Comparison:

– How did everything play out in the epsisode versus the comic book?

TWD Headlines:

– Could Lauren Cohan’s Maggie have her own spin-off series? 

– Is the showing setting up Aldon and Luke to be the head’s on sticks from the Whisperer’s at the Fair?

– Danai Gurriera is leaving the show in season 10. Despite all efforts of the writers and show runners. Are we looking at a end to the series?


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