MaliceCast Live!! Season 2 Premiere

Hello To All The Geek Enthusiasts And Nerd Aficionados!!

MaliceCast Season 2. The break is over

The holidays are over. All the geeks and nerds from Malice Corp have spent time with their families and loved ones. Now it’s time to fill that void in our souls, and get back to talking “All Things Nerd ” with you on MaliceCast Season 2.  I’ve been re-watching our first season of MaliceCast and re-living all the fun moments. To get better prepared we put together a 6 part Best Of.. from the first season. Collecting the funnest moments, bloopers, and goofs from episodes 1 – 34. If you haven’t yet makes sure to give them a watch, and see the (hopeful) progression over the year.

And Now MaliceCast Season 2

You still with us? Good glad to have you. We returned on January 5th to a couple hiccups and gaffs, but fun was still had on MaliceCast Season 2 premiere episode. It’s gonna be a great year and we hope you’ll be there for the entire thing. Below for your viewing pleasure MaliceCast Live Season 2 Premiere. While watching make sure to hit the Like button, any comments, and most importantly subscribe. That way you can join us for future casts.

A Great Big Thank You!

Once again it can’t be said enough, Thank You! You gave us a chance, Thank You! You took your important time to watch, Thank You! If you participated in any of the previous chats, Thank You! If You’ve shared us with others, Thank You! Lastly if you’ve subscribed to the channel, Thank You soooooo very much! We hope to see you in our chats going forward and geeking out with you on MaliceCast Season 2.

If you want to subscribe, CLICK HERE. You can also keep the conversations going on our Twitter, Our Facebook, or the Facebook Group for MaliceCast Live. Once again, and not for the last time. THANK YOU!!!!!



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