MaliceCast Live: Episode 15 – Back 2 Business

Good Day to all the Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados!

Episode 15 of MaliceCast Live podcast on Youtube is coming. We will be live and recording June 30, 2017 8PM PDT, and would love to see all the familiar and new names on the live chat. Lets see what we will be talking about, afterward you can be more prepared to discuss.

MaliceCast Ep15

Nerd News:

Deadpool 2 ProductionRyan Reynolds is on set and Josh Brolin is getting ready to film for Cable. What does this mean for us, and all the SDCC nerds?

MiniSNES – BigPapaMatt is going to tell us about the newest item for the nostalgic nerd.

Stars getting Stars – Bcon tells us who will be getting Hollywood Walk of Fame stars this year.

Batman World’s Best Detective – Superwhovianfreak talks The Batman film. Starring Ben Affleck and Directed by Matt Reeves, and what we can expect with the feel of it.

Infinity War Line-Up – BigPapaMatt is going to give us the list of all heroes and villains announced for Avengers: Infinty War, and it’s a big list.

Hellboy R-Rated – Hellboy is going to be bloody, gory and full of practical effects. We discuss.


Nerd Fight

Best Doctor Who Villain ResultsDr_Who_Villains

This week’s fight has been who is the Best Doctor Who Villain? We had picks from all the cast members, actually most the cast members minus BigPapaMatt. We also took two votes from the chat room. The list included: Weeping Angels, The Master, Vasta Nerada, Dalek, Cybermen, and Satan from the Devils Pit. You can still vote through Friday 6/30/17 11:59:59 PM PDT every 12 hours, and please do so if your favorite needs more votes. We will discuss the results on the podcast.

Best Doctor Who/Companion Team?

Next weeks poll will continue the Doctor Who love for the weekends season finale. We ask who is the best Doctor/Companion Team. We posed the question all over social media, and have gotten some great responses for fan picks. Make sure you are there live so you can help pick the chat rooms choice for the poll.

Give us Sequels

With Blade Runner having it’s 35th anniversary, and getting a sequel later this year. As well as, Top Gun sequel going into the works. We ask what film from 10 Years or beyond would you like to get a sequel? What plots do you think need to be tied up, and what story would you like to see in the sequel? We will be looking to the chatroom to also get your opinions.

Hope you are able to join us live and talk All Things Nerd. Make sure you are at the MaliceCorp YouTube channel on Friday June 3o, 2017 at 8PM PST to join in the fun. Link to the video will be provided here shortly.

You can also follow the page or the hosts on Twitter to get the updates for when we are going live.

Twitter Handles: 

@MaliceCorp , @MaliceCast , @Bcon_MaliceCorp , @Mest_MaliceCorp

Keep Nerding on and we’ll see you soon.



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