MaliceCast Episode 20: Great Moments in Nerd August

Good Day to all the Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados!

MaliceCast Live is back tonight on YouTube. We are going to be on a special time 30 minutes earlier. For all those new folks joining us that will be at 7:30 PM PDT. That’s 7:30 PM on the west coast. This weeks cast will be doing something new. Hopefully you all will enjoy and we can start doing it monthly from here on out. Let’s breakdown what we will be discussing.

Get Your Nerd/Geek On

Every cast starts with what everyone had been nerding out on i.e. playing, watching, reading, …etc. We want to know what you are nerding out on as well. That means be part of the live chat room to join the discussion.

Nerd News:

We talk about the top nerd and geek related news from the past week. Something you want us to discuss let us know in the comments below or be a part of the live chat room.

Great Moments in Nerd/Geek:

Starting with this week’s cast, the first podcast of every month will look at great moments in the geek and nerd world for that month in history. That being said this weeks cast will be looking at August. Everything from when Television shows released to great scientific moments in previous months of August. We can’t it all so we need your help. What great moments in geek and nerd history happened in August that mean something to you? Leave a comment below or be part of the live chat room to join in on the discussion.

Nerd Fight Poll:

The current nerd fight, Best Comic-Con Fandom ends tonight 8/4/17 at 11:59:59 PM PDT. It’s time to crown a fandom. Not happy with the current results you can still vote:

Nerd Fight Poll: Best Comic-Con Fandom

We start the new Nerd Fight for the next 2 weeks on Sunday 8/6/17, but on tonight’s live cast we make our picks. The next fight is Best Primetime Cartoon Series. You can help with the picks, how? Once again, you guessed it, be a part of the live chatroom to get you pick into the nerd fight poll.

Make sure to join us at 7:30 PM PDT tonight 8/4/17 on YouTube and be a part of the live chat room. Your thoughts matter and helps us to be better at our podcast. Here’s the link to join in the fun: MaliceCast Live: Episode 20 – Great Moments in Nerd History : August

If you are unable to make the live cast you can still catch the video later. Come back next week as we do the podcast live every week. Thank You for all your support, and keep nerding on.


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