Malice Corp Smack Talk 32: Returns of WWE Superstars & What is Vince McMahon thinking?

Smack Talk 32: WWE Returns – Bautista, Matt Hardy, KO, & Roman Reigns

This is Smack Talk! The podcast from wrestling fans for wrestling fans. A weekly recap on the world of Pro-Wrestling. Reactions, trash talk, and dropping some smack. Masonic Vader, The Bearded Master Marty, and Mindfreak talk about it all WWE, All Elite Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and New Japan. Jump in the ring, drop some elbows, and lets talk smack. This week we talk about all the WWE Returns, and ask what the hell is Vince McMahon thinking?

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Smack Talk 32: WWE Returns – Hardy, KO, Bautista, & Reigns!

Wrestling News:

  • Kofi gets robbed! KO Returns: Kofi Kingston has his WWE title match taken away, and is replaced by the return of Kevin Owen.
  • Matt Hardy Returns: Woken Matt Hardy is gone. In his place we get the return of the real Matt Hardy and the Hardy Boyz.
  • Too Many Heels?: Does the current WWE Main Roster have a heel problem? With the returns of KO, and the current storylines. Can the be too much of a bad thing?
  • Is Lio Rush getting the push?: After the match with Finn Balor. Is WWE trying to move Lio Rush to the next level?
  • The Revival Losing Streak: How soon will The Revival lose their belts and why don’t the NXT Tag Teams have belt championships matches announced?
  • Honkytonk Man Hall Of Fame Inductee: The second 2019 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee has been announced – The Honkytonk Man!
  • Bautista Returns: What is coming with Bautista returning to the WWE Ring and how did they pull off the surprise?
  • Roman Reigns in Remission: Reactions to the great news that Roman Reign’s Leukemia is remission.

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