Malice Corp Smack Talk 28: Royal Rumble 2019 Aftermath & Reactions

Smack Talk 28: Royal Rumble 2019 Aftermath

Royal Rumble 2019 is over now it’s time for Smack Talk! The podcast from true wrestling fans with no problems talking some trash and taking it in return.Masonic Vader, The Bearded Master Marty, and Mindfreak talk about everything going on in the world of Pro-Wrestling. Jump in the ring, drop some elbows, and lets talk smack.

Want to be a part of the show join us live on Twitch Wednesday 9:30 PM PDT to bring the trash talking, jibber jabbering, slack jawed, smack talk.


Wrestling News:

– Hideo Itami is out of the WWE, and Dean Ambrose isn’t far behind. We break down their exits and where they may end up.

NXT Take Over Phoenix

– Reactions to the event. What was missed, and what was done right? How can NXT step up their game even more for the next Take Overs?

Royal Rumble 2019

– Everyone Picks their favorite match and why?

– Which was better the Men’s or Women’s Rumble?

– Nia Jaxx entered the Male Royal Rumble. Was this good or bad for the event and WWE going further?

After the Royal Rumble

– A Bearded Master was at this years Royal Rumble, and the night wasn’t over once the event ended. He lets us how the extra events of the night went when he attended Dolph Ziggler & friends comedy show.

Drop your thoughts in the comments. Agree or Disagree with us? Let us know, and don’t be afraid to talk some smack if you think we’re a bunch of mindless no good jabronies.




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