Malice Corp Smack Talk 22: Dynamite Kid, WWE Injuries, & The Man

Smack Talk Pro-Wrestling Podcast 22

The Malice Corp Smack Talkers (Masonic Vader, Mindfreak, and The Bearded Master Marty) are back to get down to business on the Pro-Wrestling World. Reacting to what’s going on outside the ring, between the ropes, and on the matt itself. Want to be a part of the show join us live on to bring the trash talking, jibber jabbering, slack jawed, smack talk.

Smack Talk Episode 22 Topics: 

– Tribute Thomas “Dynamite Kid” Billington

Talking about his Pro-Wrestling legacy and partnership as part of a WWE Tag Team Champion.

– Braun Strowman Elbow Injury

Latest news on the injury, and where we think he will next show up.

– Alexa Bliss Injury

Latest on her injury, and predictions for what comes next for her.

– Where’s Lars Sullivan Going?

What main roster is Lars Sullivan going to land on? WWE Raw or Smack Down, and how does this improve or weaken the shows.

– Becky “The Man” Lynch 

The Man is tearing up the wrestling world right now. We react on her impact, and what other things we would like to see from Becky Lynch.

– WWE TLC 2018 

Early predictions on the next WWE PPV, and thoughts on what we know so far

– WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

We’ve been asking for this from episode one. Where is it? Thoughts on when we will finally get it, and how the WWE will make it work.

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