Malice-Cast Episode 2 PodCast Ep. 2

This weeks podcast had 5 segments and a surprise 6th segment. Listen in as we break done the weeks top nerd news.

We discuss this weeks poll of who is the most powerful wizard. As well as the results, though many of us weren’t happy with it. We sucked up our pride and took the results with a smile. We also talked about next week’s poll Best Quentin Tarantino Film. Listen in to find out what we chose for this upcoming week’s nerd fight poll combatants.

We had an in-depth analysis of BCON’s article focusing on whether the CW and Netflix comic book shows is what’s keeping their respective movie universes afloat.

Hear our opinions about the top new nerd culture trailers that hit our senses this week. Spider-Man Homecoming, IT, and War for the Planet of the Apes, are we excited or a little put off on any of these films?

Then our surprise segment. With our great audience support we got a question about the new World of Warcraft update. See what our WOW playing super nerd Superwhovianfreak had to say about it so far.

The last bit of this weeks episode was a first day wrap-up of how Wondercon was and how to be prepared for the last couple days of the Con.

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