“All Things Nerd!” S03E16 – John Cena Suicide Squad 2, Netflix Cancellations, PS5 Details, & More

Season 3 Episode 16:
Get Your Geek On!
— The Malicecasters talk about what the latest things in Geek, Nerd, & Pop Culture keeping them occupied.
Nerd News
— John Cena in talks to join Suicide Squad 2: Who could he be playing, and will we even be able to see him on screen?
— Netflix Cancelling Spree: With the influx of 13 Netflix’s shows ending or being cancelled. The streaming network is still asking for Emmy considerations on all of them, and on top of this may be cancelling a 14th show with Santa Clarita Diet. Just what the heck is going on over there?
— PlayStation 5 Details: Sony has released some details about their next generation of the PlayStation video game console along with the price. We talk excitement level, and if / when we plan to get our hands on one.
— Gamestop’s new video game tryout trial: Gamestop is trying out a new 48 hour new game return policy, but are there pitfalls to their endeavors?
— Trailer Reactions – Amazon’s The Boys & Child’s Play Reboot: Lets get geeky on some of the newest trailers. 1st The Boys based on a comic book series by Garth Ennis, and 2nd the Child’s Play Reboot trailer with a new spin on where the horror comes from.
Hashtag of the Week: Interact with the Malicecasters on social media using the below hashtags.
— @Raider0314 – #FunnySuperHeroMoment – Whats your favorite comedy scene from a comic book movie?
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“All Things Nerd!” S03E07 – Creepshow 2019, Opportunity Rover, & Nintendo Direct

Season 3 Episode 7:

Get Your Geek On! –
– The MaliceCast Geek Enthusiasts & Nerd Aficionados talk about what has been tickling their nerdy fancy. As well as the viewing audience in the interactive chatroom.

NERD FIGHT POLL – Most Improved TV Show Ever Debate
They started out us duds or just didn’t entertain us. However, If you would have stuck with the show got fantastic. This week’s NERD FIGHT is about those type of shows. The debate begins why each Malicecaster’s pick is the best, should be voted for, and crowned a Nerd Fight winner.
– Schitts Creek
– Fear The Walking Dead
– Psych
– The Orville
– Battlestar Galactica
– Stargate SG1
You can vote and decide a winner (Bragging Rights!) and a loser (Kicked from show for 2 weeks) at http://malice-corp.com/nerd-fight-most-improved-show/

Nerd News –
– New Creepshow TV Series
– Fans of the old anthology horror films inspired by the EC Comics of the 1950’s. We just got a new treat! A new Creepshow TV series with details of some episodes, who’s writing them, and a look at the new Creep.

– Opportunity Rover Memorial
– It is a time of Opportunity lost. After 15 years on the Mars planet surface. The opportunity roamer is no more. We thank the rover for the impact it had on science, and all the things it was able to outlast.

– Nintendo Direct February 2019
– Nintendo came out with great news for all the Nintendo faithful. Announcing new games to expect, but what didn’t get mentioned? We talk about the anticipation and the we wish we had more info items.

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“All Things Nerd!” S03E03 – Ghostbusters 3, CES 2019, & Spider-Man: Far From Home

All Things Nerd! Twitch Podcast Season 3 Episode 3:
Get Your Geek On! –
– The MaliceCast Geek Enthusiasts & Nerd Aficionados talk about what has been tickling their nerdy fancy. As well as the viewing audience in the interactive chatroom.
Classy Nerd –
– Picking a D&D character class isn’t always easy. We continue using the character flow chart found on Reddit to learn which character class each Malicecaster is? This week: Nick

Nerd News –
– Ghostbusters 3 – This week we got the announcement of a lifetime. Ghostbusters 3 is coming! We break down the details so far, react to the amazing teaser, and talk about who we don’t want to see cast into new roles.
– CES 2019 – The Consumer Electronics Show 2019 in Las Vegas has come to a close. Each year with the show some amazing new practical tech comes, and some that just leaves you scratching your head wondering “Why?” We talk about a little of both.
– Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer – Sony has released the first official trailer for the Spider-Man sequel. We react to everything shown, and what we expect based of the trailer. Along with the questions of why now, and did they show us too much?

Nerd Fight Poll –
– Best Binge Watch of 2018 winner revealed.
– Best TV Show 2018 (Non – Streaming): We make our picks and you get to vote and pick the winner.

Hashtags of the week –
– Interact with the Malicecasters on social media or in the comments below with their weekly hashtag:
– Mest5150 – #NotMyGhostbuster Who don’t you want to see cast in new character roles in Ghostbuster 3?
– ICZorro – #YouCanDoWhat what surprising talents do you have, or what hidden talents do you think celebrities have?
– Masonic Vader – #RoyalRumbleChamp2019 Who’s winning this year?
– Nick – #GetOutOfMyWay tell us those bad driver / road rage stories
– Super Whovian Freak – #BettyWhiteMoments Favourite stories about Betty White in celebration of her birthday

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“All Things Nerd” Podcast Season 3 Episode 1 – 2019 Kick Off

Nerd News –
– What was the top word of 2018 from Websters Dictionary and how did celebrity deaths play a part in moving the needle on some top searched for words?
– DC Comics & Marvel Comics say good bye to the comic book legend Stan ” The Man” Lee. Who had the better memorial?
– Space! It’s really big and has all types of things happening in it right now. We react and discuss the latest with China’s Chang’ e4 Moon landing & the first photo’s of Ultima Thule from the New Horizons probe.
– Oh Netflix how you toy with our emotions. On the heels of Daredevil getting canceled. We get the date announcement trailer for Season 2 of The Punisher, but has the string of Marvel cancellations left a bad taste in the mouth?

Nerd Fight Poll –
– Our yearly award ceremony for “All Things Nerd!” ,The Epic Beardos, is around the corner. It’s time for you to decide the winners. First up BEST BINGE OF 2018! Is it Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Bandersnatch, Big Mouth, Glow, Altered Carbon, or Santa Clarita Diet

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The Best Websites You’re Not Visiting

As the last year has shown, you clearly have impeccable tastes when clicking on new URLs. Clearly! But, have you

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Happy Freakin’ Anniversary, Malice Corp.!

As of March 3rd, 2018, it’s one year we’ve been welcoming all geek enthusiasts and nerd aficionados. Hoary heights ho!
You know, many wonder just what a “geek” or a “nerd” is. Well, being SUCH an old duffer that I can (sorta) remember the time before Nintendo had any consoles, this here’s an Igor who can tell you!

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Apologies From Your Friends at Malice Corp

Just dropping everyone a quick line to let you know we had a very unfortunate server crash that hit us very late last night. Just wanted to let you know know we are working to restore everything to the way it was before the crash. We at Malice Corp are very sorry for the inconvenience. We are working tirelessly to restore the lost content.

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Malice-Corp’s Basic Personal Computer Primer, part 4 the GPU

Well this brings us to the last entry in the basic computer series from Malice-Corp. The GPU (Graphics processing unit), here we are going to look at what a GPU is and how it helps out our student (CPU) in his studies and you getting done on your PC what it is you want to do.

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We find ourselves now on part 3 of this little 4 part trip down the basic technology road show. We are going to talk about the hard disk drive (HDD) of you PC. Like I mentioned in the earlier articles that the HDD is the research library of your student (CPU) and he writes down all his notes for what he is activity working on from that research library down in his notebook (RAM)

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Malice-Corp’s Basic Personal Computer Primer, part 1 the CPU

Hey all I have had a few people look over my Raspberry Pi tutorials and tell me they are great, but we have no idea what you are talking about. I was asked to put together a basic explanation in normal people terms what some of the computer jargon they have encounter actually means. This is the first article in a four part series. I am going to focus in this first article on some of the basic PC or personal computer hardware you are going to encounter and what they actually due, starting with the CPU.

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IBM creates the world smallest storage device

This might be old news to some of you but I am betting it is not. Back on the 8th of March 2017, IBM announced their newest break through in data storage. IBM had a solution that allows them to store 1 but of data with one atom. In my endeavor to bring to the masses what some might think as boring geek stuff I now have this little gem for your approval as we talk a little about the world’s smallest storage device.

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Malice-Corp: YouTube or BUST!

Well My fellow nerds Malice-Corp and more specifically have taken the YouTube plunge. We have our first video offering from Malice-Corp.com. With yours truly sticking his foot out there to make our first Video content. I cover some of the topics I from my second Raspberry Pi article and official first tutorial on the Pi. It is a companion piece as we can say to the article.

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Raspberry Pi 3 – Static IP setup

Hey guys it is now time to get your Raspberry Pi dialed in with it’s own static IP. Why would you want to do this? Well it is a simple reason really. For the most part you are going to be accessing the device via SSH or maybe VNC. It will help if you have the same IP every time on the device so you can always find it. This can get really important if you plan to use a Wi-Fi connection as your router could assign a different IP each time your Pi connects. Remember we are working of Rasbian OS here so if you have a different OS the process maybe slightly different for you.

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Raspberry Pi 3 – OH NO my OS is screwed! What do I do?

So you had an accident or want to change to a different OS. Reloading your OS on your Pi is a snap, but you are going to have to pull out your spare Monitor, Keyboard, and mouse again. When you reload the OS you are going to need to reset up the Raspberry Pi like it was brand new out of the box. We already covered that in the first article in this series. If you haven’t read it or need it again for reference check it out here.

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Raspberry Pi 3 – I got one! Now what do I do with it?

GREETINGS TO ALL FROM MALICE-CORP.COM. We have he second in Malice-Corp’s series on Raspberry Pi 3! Here we are going to talk about the first steps with your new Pi and just getting it up and running. If you want to read about why you should have a Raspbeery Pi 3 check out our earlier article here.

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How to Set Up your own personal home PLEX Media Server

Plex Media Server is a user-friendly way to access all of your movies, T.V. shows, Music and other media stored in one place, typically at home–and make it accessible from almost any other device, whether you’re at home, work, or on-the-go. If you’re looking for a no-hassle way to use your media anywhere you have internet, this is it.

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AMD Ryzen released, specifications and features

In recent years Intel processors have been outperforming AMD’s processors, with most people,including gamers, choosing the Intel-based CPUs for their rigs. AMD is looking to offer real change to that scenario in 2017, with its new Ryzen processors. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Ryzen CPUs, including specifications and prices.

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