Quest for 100: A Covenant, a Lost City, and a Pearl

Welcome back to my personal quest to watch 100 movies in the Theater in 1 year. I also let you know how many beers I’d recommend while watching these movies to make them much more entertaining – IF they are needed at all.

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Quest for 100: Sleight

Hello all and welcome back to my quest to watch 100 movies in the theater in one year and give you at the end my recommendation on if you need some beers to make these films more enjoyable. On a recent article I wrote about The Void I mentioned I usually get to watch one of my favorite movies every year around this time. Well, I think this movie Sleight has set the bar high, and is probably one of if not the best film I’ve seen so far this year.

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Quest for 100: Rivers of Blood and Monsters from “The Void”

Well if it isn’t…

Hello again, and welcome back to the latest trip on my Quest for ‘100 films in one year.’

On this edition I am talking about a film that completely surprised me, and has me staying up late to write this recap so that I can avoid the nightmares that are sure to come.

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The 100 Movie Challenge: The Quest to Watch 100 Movies in Theater in One Year

Greetings everyone and welcome to my quest to watch 100 movies this year. Now, just not any movies but new movies in a theater. This is my way of showing support for the film industry. It’s my way of supporting all of the amazing people who work for it and aren’t on the big screen but behind the scenes. This challenge was originally set by one of my favorite comedians Doug Benson. He started this to show support for the movie industry by challenging others to watch movies where they are supposed to be watched. Not on a small screen at home but in a theater with other people in the dark, crunching popcorn, and sipping on beverages. I attempted it half-hearted last year, and came up well shy with only 72 movies. But this year is going to be different! I am going to attack this with much gusto, and make 2017 the first year I accomplish this feat.

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Brewers Association – Announces ticket sales for (Savor)

We have some craft beer news for all you craft beer Nerds! If you don’t think beer nerds are thing. Then you have never meet anyone like me or many of my friends! Home brewing has become a small passion for me, so again case in point; WE DO EXIST! Beer NEEEERDs! This article is only for those of the legal drinking age.

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