The Iconic Scarf from Doctor Who

Either in multi-color or red, the 4th doctor’s scarf was an integral part of his outfit. Fan legend has it that costume designer James Acheson picked up a load of multi-color wool and asked knitter Begonia Pope to create a scarf, and Pope, perhaps mishearing, used *all* the wool, resulting in a scarf that ran 12 feet long. The mistake was perfect, and suddenly many UK grandmothers were being asked by their grandchildren to recreate their hero’s look.

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Unicorn Bread DIY Recipe

Use the good ice cream with all the fat and sugar. Let the ice cream soften, but not melt all the way. NO USING THE MICROWAVE. Try different flavors of ice cream and add-ins like nuts, dried fruit, and crushed candies. If your bread is boring, try a little flavoring like cherry, lemon, peppermint, or chocolate (eeww peppermint but if you like it no judgement here.) Or instead of food coloring and edible glitter, you could use multicolored sprinkles.

This recipe is perfect to do for Children’s parties, Easter, springtime, or just for the hell of it. So embrace your inner sparkle and try out this recipe today!

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Mad Scientist Caviar

It is amazing, that’s what it is. It gives adults a way to be a grown up and still play with our food. And it’s all because of molecular gastronomy. Molecular gastronomy is a branch of food science that utilizes the principles of chemistry, physics and biology to develop delicious food that can be presented in new and interesting ways—solid cocktails, fruit jelly caviar, or vegetable foams and bubbles. It’s basically the science of food you thought could only exist in your imagination.

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