Ghost Rider Companions (The Heart of Ghost Rider)

Please note that some of this article should be for mature readers only. Reader discretion is advised. Greetings Flame Heads. It is with sadness that I report that the latest series of Ghost Rider has been cancelled. However, the future of Ghost Rider will never be in doubt. We just have to wait a little longer. Like the fabled phoenix, Ghost Rider will rise from the ashes born anew and vengeance will be served. Ghost Rider has this feature built in him that allows any writer to change the person who bears the burden of the Spirt of Vengeance. You can see an article I wrote regarding this mechanism here (I also talk about Ghost Rider’s relationship to Doctor Who). With the cancelling of Ghost Rider, I am looking at why Ghost Rider is appealing to artists and writers. But I also want to keep an honest eye as to why the series cannot grab enough readers to maintain the series

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Let’s Talk Dead – The Walking Dead from AMC

I was thinking before I started talking about the TV show I’d talk a little about myself first and why I want to talk about The Walking Dead. Anyone that knows me knows I had a big fear of anything zombies. The Night of the Living Dead was a movie that gave me nightmares more then Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elem Street. I do love my horror movies but anything with zombies in it would get me to sleep with the lights on. So a few years back I had a friend that I played Aion with ( non-zombie game). She had talked me into playing Left 4 Dead with her. She had help me get over my fear of zombie by making me kill them in that game. She also talk me into The Walking Dead and from then on I’ve become a fan of the show. I did just finish up the season last Sunday and now stuck waiting for the next season which will not be back on AMC till October. Yes we got to wait to find out what happens and we’re left with another cliff hanger which any fan knows they like to do to us.

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Malice-Cast Episode 2

This weeks podcast had 5 segments and a surprise 6th segment. Listen in as we break done the weeks top nerd news.

We discuss this weeks poll of who is the most powerful wizard. As well as the results, though many of us weren’t happy with it. We sucked up our pride and took the results with a smile. We also talked about next week’s poll Best Quentin Tarantino Film. Listen in to find out what we chose for this upcoming week’s nerd fight poll combatants.

We had an in-depth analysis of BCON’s article focusing on whether the CW and Netflix comic book shows is what’s keeping their respective movie universes afloat.

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BREAKING: Hollywood studios joining force for Marvel Vs. DC

The geek Holy Grail is coming to a theater near you! In a discussion with a Warner Bros Executive at Wondercon in Anaheim they let some interesting news slip. Apparently, multiple Hollywood studios will be coming together to make a true Marvel Vs. DC film trilogy.

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The Birth of a New Podcast: Malice-Corp’s Inaugural Episode

The Malice-Corp podcast has arrived. Episode 1 is available to listen to now. We promise there are no Jar Jar Binks sightings in our Episode 1. We stay true to your favorite story-lines and characters as we discuss the latest nerd news for the week.

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Who was the BEST Joker –

Well lets start a nerd fight! Malice-Corp wants to know who was the BEST Joker? This is a common question that has caused massive amounts of Nerd Rage over the last few years.

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