MaliceCast TV Talks: The Walking Dead 9×9 – Adaptation

The Walking Dead S09xE09:Adaptation

Recapping the main storylines of the episode:
– Michonne’s group returns to Hilltop with a deceased friend and a prisoner.
– Luke and Aldon set out on a two man adventure only to find what they aren’t looking for.
– The Rosita love triangle is getting really crowded.
– Negan goes on a walk about.

Comic Bokk Vs. Show Comparison:
– How did everything play out in the epsisode versus the comic book?

TWD Headlines:
– Could Lauren Cohan’s Maggie have her own spin-off series?
– Is the showing setting up Aldon and Luke to be the head’s on sticks from the Whisperer’s at the Fair?
– Danai Gurriera is leaving the show in season 10. Despite all efforts of the writers and show runners. Are we looking at a end to the series?

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Nerd Fight: Most Improved Show

Back again, to our regularly scheduled nerd fight for the next 2 weeks. We have been debating the past month over TV shows we love and adore. Now let’s talk about those shows that we didn’t love right off the bat. My rule in life is usually give a show 6 episodes before you know if it is good or bad.

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All Things Nerd Podcast S03E05 – Streaming Wars, Batman?, & Invincible Cartoon

All Things Nerd Podcast Season 3 Episode 5:

Get Your Geek On! –
– The MaliceCast Geek Enthusiasts & Nerd Aficionados talk about what has been tickling their nerdy fancy. As well as the viewing audience in the interactive chatroom.

Classy Nerd –
Were building a Dungeons and Dragons party out of the Malicecasters. We have a sorcerer and a bard. Now we find out what Mrs. Malice will be.

Nerd News –
– Streaming Wars
– The war between streaming services is heating. Netflix raises prices. Hulu lowers prices. DC Universe is bringing more content to their platform, and Disney Plus is throwing money at the original content. How will this help you choose where your money goes?

– Invincible Cartoon Cast Announced
– One of the greatest comic book stories of the modern era. Invincible by Robert Kirkman is getting an animated series on Amazon Prime, and they’ve released a A+ cast list of voices so far for the show.

Sombody’s Gotta Talk About It
– A majority event is happening underwater that is effect eco systems. The Sea Stars are dying off in what is being called the ” Underwater Zombie Apocalypse.” We let you know some of the details, and why it’s so imperative that we all try and help.

If you want further information and how to help please visit

Hashtags of the week –
– Interact with the Malicecasters on social media or in the comments below with their weekly hashtag:
– Mest5150 @Mest_MaliceCorp – #WhoIsBatman Let us know who should be the next actor to don the cape and cowl.
– Masonic Vader @MasonicVader – #WorstReplacementBatman Who do you not want to see play Batman?
– Super Whovian Freak @SuperWhovianNut – #WatchDrPimplePopper No! Just No!
– Nick @Raider0314 – #AryaVSWick who’s the better assasin, and why?
– Mrs. Malice @MrsMalice4134 – #SaveZombieStarfish Help bring awareness to this epidemic

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“All Things Nerd” Podcast Season 3 Episode 1 – 2019 Kick Off

Nerd News –
– What was the top word of 2018 from Websters Dictionary and how did celebrity deaths play a part in moving the needle on some top searched for words?
– DC Comics & Marvel Comics say good bye to the comic book legend Stan ” The Man” Lee. Who had the better memorial?
– Space! It’s really big and has all types of things happening in it right now. We react and discuss the latest with China’s Chang’ e4 Moon landing & the first photo’s of Ultima Thule from the New Horizons probe.
– Oh Netflix how you toy with our emotions. On the heels of Daredevil getting canceled. We get the date announcement trailer for Season 2 of The Punisher, but has the string of Marvel cancellations left a bad taste in the mouth?

Nerd Fight Poll –
– Our yearly award ceremony for “All Things Nerd!” ,The Epic Beardos, is around the corner. It’s time for you to decide the winners. First up BEST BINGE OF 2018! Is it Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Bandersnatch, Big Mouth, Glow, Altered Carbon, or Santa Clarita Diet

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Malice Cast “All Things Nerd!” S2 E43: Season 2 Finale!!

Malice Cast “All Things Nerd!” Season 2 Episode 43:- Celebrating 2018
–  Saying goodbye to Stan Lee
– Fun & Games

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Malice Cast “All Things Nerd!” S2 E42: Breaking Bad Movie, Disney +, & Netflix Anime

Malice Cast “All Things Nerd!” Season 2 Episode 42:
– Breaking Bad Movie In The Works 
– Disney Streaming Service. Name & Original Content Details
– New Anime on Netflix! What’s Coming? 

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Malice Cast “All Things Nerd!” S2 E41: So Many Sequels, Netflix Goes to the Movies, and More

Malice Cast Season 2 Episode 41:
Netflix takes their films to the theater. 
Sequels Are Coming: 
– Penny Dreadful Sequel
– Bad Boys 3 
– Gladiator 2
– Avatar Sequel Titles
Reboot of Watership Down on Netflix cast 
George R.R. Martin releases another book that’s not the one we want. 

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MaliceCast “All Things Nerd!” Podcast S2 E38: Wheel Of Time TV Series, James Gunn’s Suicide Squad, and Star Wars Smells

On this weeks episode of MaliceCast “All Things Nerd!” Podcast Season 2 Episode 38:
– Wheel Of Time TV Series: What we know and what we thank. 
– James Gunn’s Suicide Squad 2: What We Know
– Movie Geek’s Vocabulary
– What an Interesting smell you’ve discovered – Star Wars Candles
– Netflix Iron Fist Cancelled

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MaliceCast Live S2 E28: 2nd ANNUAL LIVE FROM SDCC (2018) HALL H LINE

Welcome back to MaliceCast Live! The Podcast for “All Things Nerd!”

The Malice Corp Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados sit down every week to talk the latest headlines in Nerd, Geek, and Pop Culture news. 

When it comes to San Diego Comic-Con we say nothing is impossible. Especially if that something is recording a podcast live from the Hall H line. The room that holds over 6000 geek enthusiasts & nerd aficionados. So here we are attempting the madness for the 2nd year in a row!

Season 2 Episode 28:
– Recapping everything that has been great about SDCC 2018 so far.
– Talking what to expect with the big Saturday Warner Bros Hall H Panel.

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SDCC ’18 Wrap Up: Fear the Walking Dead Panel

Fear The Walking Dead 
The cast and creators of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead take the stage in Hall H to talk previous seasons and whats to come in the zombie apocalypse.

Moderator: Yvette Nicole Brown
Panel: Andrew Chambliss, Ian Goldberg, Scott M Gimple, Robert Kirkman, Lennie James, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Colman Domingo, Danay Garcia, Jenna Elfman, Maggie Grace, Garret Dillahunt, Gale Ann Hurd, Greg Nicotero, and Dave Alpert

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SDCC 2018 Wrap Up: SyFy’s The Great Debate (Full Panel)

SyFy Presents: The Great Debate
Celebrities from the nerd & geek world debate all the real pressing questions. Who is the best captain? What is the best comic book weapon? Who’s the best Chris (Pratt, Hemsworth, or Evans)? and much more.

Moderator: Aisha Tyler
Panelists: John Barrowman, Felicia Day, Orlando Jones, Joe Manganiello, Adam Savage, and Janet Varney

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The Best Websites You’re Not Visiting

As the last year has shown, you clearly have impeccable tastes when clicking on new URLs. Clearly! But, have you

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Border Town Comic Con 2018 Review

I am very pleased to bring to you a brief review of Border Town Comic Con 2018. I had the absolute pleasure of attending this convention with my 15 year old son this last weekend March 17-18, 2018. Border Town Comic Con was held at the Four Rivers Cultural Center in Ontario, Oregon. The cultural center is practically on the border between Oregon and Idaho, hence the name, Border Town Comic Con. This was the con’s third year running and the first year in which it was expanded into two days.

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Happy Freakin’ Anniversary, Malice Corp.!

As of March 3rd, 2018, it’s one year we’ve been welcoming all geek enthusiasts and nerd aficionados. Hoary heights ho!
You know, many wonder just what a “geek” or a “nerd” is. Well, being SUCH an old duffer that I can (sorta) remember the time before Nintendo had any consoles, this here’s an Igor who can tell you!

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The Gaslight Murder Mystery Series

Good evening to you bookworms everywhere. I am here to bring your attention to a delightful little series that may have otherwise escaped your notice. For those of you who are a fan of murder mysteries, Victoria Thompson’s series the Gaslight Murder Series is a set of books you need to check out. Taking place in New York City at the turn of the 1900’s this series takes you on a fascinating historical journey into murder and mayhem, and the lengths the wealthy go to cover it up.

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Nerd Fight Results: Most Epic Beard of 2017

Last week we saw the return of Malice-Corp’s epic nerd fight. We started off 2018 by paying homage to bearded faces we loved in 2017. As always we took to Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media platform we could think of to try and get your votes for our picks. It was a good fight, even if the votes didn’t go the way the bearded boys of Malice thought it would. What can i say it takes a beardless girl to know what the fans love? A literal dark horse came out of nowhere to steal the prize away from some excellent contenders. But, we had a lot of engagement and awesome discussions over all Social Media platforms. So, thanks to everyone who voted and chatted with us. So, who came out on top and was crowned the winner?

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Review of Hulu’s “Batman and Bill”

MasonicVader here with another review, this time about a phenomenal documentary about a real-life David vs Goliath story. A documentary that rewrites an origin story of one our most beloved superheroes: Batman. Not the story that we all know about Bruce Wayne/Batman, but of who created that origin. I give you Hulu’s 2017 documentary Batman and Bill. For 75 years when we watched, read, or listened to anything about Batman, you would always see Batman by Bob Kane. Bob Kane was an artist for Detective Comics, which was the predecessor to DC comics. In 1939, Bob presented Batman, and took sole creative credit. For the next seven decades, Bob to that creative credit and became a cultural icon.

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Marvel’s Runaways

I recently binged the latest offering of Marvel’s many-tentacled universe, Runaways. Confused by the fact that I had to dig up my old Hulu account rather than bask in the warm red glow of Netflix, I started with only mediocre hopes for the show. To be clear, of the writers on this site, I am one of the least comic book experienced. Sure, I’ve read a bunch of Walking Dead, continuing stories from Buffy and Angel, all of Preacher (after watching the first season of AMC’s awesome show), but only after being drawn in by other media. If I like a property enough, I’ll go back and check out it’s origins. Looks like I need to check if Amazon has these books on Kindle.

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The Scoop Behind Magicians Season 2

The party loving, magic -slinging, whiskey drinking troublemakers of Brakebills are back at it again in Magician’s Season 2. The TV series adaptation of author Lev Grossman’s compelling The Magicians trilogy excelled last year in it’s promo season. For as flippant as the show appeared on the surface, it actually delved amazingly well into the world of depression and the traumas that arise from sexual assault. Those trends continue into season 2, especially with the continuation of Julia’s storyline. But never fear it is not all doom and gloom there is enough laughs to carry you through.

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Todd McFarlane’s Spawn movie is still coming

It was 1997, Todd McFarlane was one of ( if not the) top creator going in comic books. Having previously rose to acclaim working on Amazing Spider-Man, and being considered the co-creator of Venom. One of 5 originators of Image Comics a brand that gave the creators ownership of the characters they made. The main character he created for the Image brand was Spawn. A story of a man that was not the greatest of people prior to his death. Coming back and wreaking vengeance as a hell spawn. While fighting the inner turmoil of correcting who he was prior. The comic was extremely popular, and so was everything Todd got involved with. A toy line, and HBO cartoon about the character where well received.

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Nerd Fight: Best Beard 2017

We are back, with our first Nerd Fight of the year! Back to start another year of epic nerd fights for 2018. Last year featured so many fun and epic fights we just couldn’t stop the fun this year.So welcome back one and all, and I hope this year proves to be just as great as last. This year we are starting off with what has become a running theme behind the scenes of malice. We have dubbed TheBigPoppaMatt owner of the epic beard of the boys of malice, though others from our group are trying to rival The Epic beard. So we decided what could be more fun then seeing who had the most epic beard in Hollywood 2017. So without further ramblings from me, here are the contestants for the first Nerd Fight of 2018:

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MaliceCast Live!! Season 2 Premiere

The holidays are over. All the geeks and nerds from Malice Corp have spent time with their families and loved ones. Now it’s time to fill that void in our souls, and get back to talking “All Things Nerd ” with you on MaliceCast Season 2.  I’ve been re-watching our first season of MaliceCast

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The Forgotten Beasts of Eld by Patricia A. McKillip

Looking for something new to read?

Finished once again with that Harry Potter novel?  What if I told you that I have an old-school novel with fantastic animals, including a greedy dragon, a talking boar, and a giant killer falcon? If that sounds fun, try The Forgotten Beasts of Eld by Patricia A. McKillip. It’s a story of magic, romance, and revenge. It also has one of the strongest female protagonists I’ve seen yet.

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Robot for Hire: Made to Kill

Take your favorite retro-futuristic movie. Now take the robot that’s inevitably in that movie, and put him in The Maltese Falcon. Give him a private investigator’s license and make sure his secretary-with-the-sass is actually a supercomputer (and definitely the shot-caller in the operation). Then add some vintage Hollywood scenery and glamour to the mental picture and you’ve got the feel of Made to Kill by Adam Christopher.

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Secrets In Death: The Truth Revealed

The latest installment of J.D. Robb’s futuristic murder mystery In Death series is out and has been consumed. Secrets in Death continues Eve and Roarke’s story, and it just keeps getting better every book. This story focuses on the death of an old acquaintance of theirs, gossip monger Larinda Mars. She was most prominently featured early in the series, Glory in Death. She weaseled an invite to Roarke’s Christmas party by spilling the beans on the bad guy C.J. Morse. She was never a friend of theirs as you come to find out, she was despised by many. So here is a brief recap of the story and my take on why it was good.

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Could X-Men & Fantastic Four be joining the Disney MCU?

Good Day to all the Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados!

Typing up articles recently has eluded me, and I am glad to be back. Discussing the current news surrounding 21st Century Fox and Walt Disney Co. Speculation has been running rampant about Disney buying a large chunk of Fox. Now at this time these have just been talks. Official deals or paperwork are not in place. Why are these talks so important to pop culture and geekdom? If a deal is made on these talks, as a result we will have our merry mutants and comic books first family in their rightful cinematic universe. Yes, the Fantastic Four and X-Men would be part of Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Nerd Fight: Best CW Premiere Episode

Welcome back everyone, to our new poll for the week. Last week saw the fight for the best horror movie franchise, in honor of Friday the 13th. We had a ton of fun reminiscing with people over some of our favorite horror movies. A lot of wonderful discussions were had with voters over the last week. So thanks to everyone who came out and participated you made the week a lot of fun. This week we celebrate the return of some of our overall favorite shows. CW has returned, answering questions that left fans reeling at the end of their respective season last year. But who had the most triumphant return back from hiatus? This is the question we leave to you dear voters. So let us see which show reigns supreme.

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Big Little Lies: The Real Truth

So every year when I watch the Emmy’s, I always get a plethora of new shoes to check out. And this year did not disappoint in giving me some goodies. But none stood out quite as well as HBO’s Big Little Lies. I am a HUGE fan of the who done it murder mystery genre. And a murder mystery set up where you don’t even know who is dead? Not until the final moments of the last episode of the series? Welcome to the world of Big Little Lies. This series takes you on a ride filled with laughter, pain, jealousy and snark, where someone doesn’t make it out alive.

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In Death: A Look Behind the Series

Going to preface this by saying that I am not a giant romance novel fan. You get a few good ones, but overall I don’t love to fully immerse myself in the genre. So I was a little bit leery of giving the In Death Book series a shot, as J.D. Robb was Nora Roberts pen name. But my sister got me a book called “Remember When” which was 2 separate stories, one written by Roberts the other Robb. I gotta say I am glad I gave it a shot. A book about a diamond heist in 2003, where a portion of the diamonds are never found. The second half takes place with the characters from Robb’s series 50+ years in the future, where the rest of the diamonds are being pursued. I was sucked in, and decided to give the rest of the series a shot.

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The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Once upon a time, there was a young boy who had no family, no home, and no friends. All the boy had were the clocks of the train station in Paris and the silent automaton sitting in his little garret. Day after day, he would wind the clocks and steal his dinner. At night, he would work on the mechanical figure with parts pocketed from a wind-up toy shop. One day, he is caught by the shop owner, one day he makes friends with the shop owner’s granddaughter. One day, his precarious life is thrown upside down and changed.

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“IT” Director in talks to take on Dracula Origin film

This week the remake of the Stephen King classic mini-series and novel It releases to the theaters. While many were unhappy to see someone else don the clown make up of the character Pennywise. Made famous by Tim Curry’s portrayal of the character. The film has been getting rather good reviews from critics, and seems to be the first film to help come out of the 2nd half summer slump. When you have a film that is looking to trend. Well ,then you tend to have more projects offered in the waiting. It’s director Andy (Andrés) Muschietti has found himself in that wonderful situation.

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Preacher And Their Dynamic Duo

So I’ve been on a Preacher kick lately. I binge watched the show 3 episodes in to season 2. This show is a wild ride and often does things that people won’t expect. Having never read the comics, I thoroughly enjoy a show that keeps me so often surprised at what I just watched. But Season 2 is far superior to Season 1 for one reason. And that is the introduction of The Grail, and it’s soldiers Lady Featherstone And F.J. Hoover. The 2 of them on screen have a weird chemistry together that works when they are in scenes together.

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Actor Spotlight: Daniel Newman

Daniel Newman is one of the newer members on the show The Walking Dead. So I thought it would be fun to shine a light on just who and what he brings The Walking Dead. Daniel was born in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up in a small rural farm town outside the city. He attended Yale and William Espers acting school to study the art. He has been a model and musician. His band, the Vanderbilts, is producing a rock album with Legendary Producer Tony Shimkin. So it appears that he is going to be a very busy guy here in the near future between this and next season TWD.

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Joss Whedon Movies: What’s Number 1?

So last week Malice cast brought you how we ranked Joss Whedon’s television shows. But seeing how he has a couple movies coming out on the horizon, we thought we would take a stab at ranking his movie projects as well. So here is how the rankings shook out amongst the cast at malice corp.

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MaliceCast TV Talk – Preacher-Holes (S2E8)

Members of Malice Corp sat down last night to talk about the most recent episode of AMC’s Preacher  – Holes (S2E8). Bcon, SuperWhovianFreak, and Mest5150 gave some of their thoughts about each character in the episode. As well as there theories as to what is going on?

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Game of Thrones: The Spoils of War Reaction/Theories

Every week the Malice Corp crew sits down to talk with everyone out there in YouTube land about the most current episode of Game of Thrones. This week we talked about Season 7 Episode 4: The Spoils of War (GoT S7 E4). An in depth conversation with: Mest5150, Bcon, ICZorro, A-A-ron, SuperWhovianFreak, and Jack Malice. Giving our thoughts, reactions, and theories.

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Joss Whedon: Favorite Movie and TV Shows Rankings

One of the biggest names floating around the Nerdverse right now has to be Joss Whedon. So this sparked a debate amongst the writers here at Malice Corp on what our personal favorite Joss Whedon projects have been. Debates were sparked and battles were raged, but in the aftermath we polled our writers and the rankings were filed. So let’s take a look and see if how we ranked matches up with our readers.

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MaliceCast Live: Episode 20 recap

Good Day to all the Geek Enthusiast and Nerd Aficionados! We just hit double digits for the second time on

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SDCC 2017: Game of Thrones

We continue our San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) recap. This time its with the videos of the full panel and highlights from HBO’s Game of Thrones. The HBO series is a staple of SDCC in Hall H on Friday every year. Fans of the show start trying to camp out in line 2-3 days prior to the actual day of the panel. Every year the panel is filled to the brim with members of the cast. This year was no different.

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Nerd Fight: Best Comic-Con Fandom Results

The Best Comic-Con Fandom Nerd Fight has come to an end. It is time to crown the ruler of the con. This current Nerd Fight was a two week battle from Sunday July 23, 2017 – Friday August 4, 2017. Fandom’s are a large part of what makes a comic convention. People wanting to see the latest that their favorite thing has to offer. People are true fanatics planning everything around making sure they get new items tied to that property. Sleeping in line over night just to see their favorite celebrities. It truly is wonder to behold. So who is the best Comic-Con Fandom?

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Nerd Fight Poll: Best Comic Book Movie 2017

This week we herald the arrival of San Diego Comic Con. 2 of our writers will be at the SDCC live to bring you all the happening nerd news right form the source. So this weeks nerd fight we diced to pit the comic book movies from 2017 against each other. The contestants for this weeks fight are as follows:

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Quest for 100: Spider-Man Homecoming

I hope everyone is doing well. Welcome back to another issue of my quest to watch 100 movies in the theater this year. I’m sure lot’s of you are already excited about this film, and seeing Spidey come back to the MCU is just one of many reasons why you should be excited to go see this movie immediately.
A bold move by Sony
First off. I am very excited that Sony, and Marvel, agreed to bring Spider-man back into the MCU. This has to be the best combination since peanut butter and jelly, or bacon and bacon. They managed to find a perfect combination of films here. Lighthearted enough to keep the kiddos entertained – yet still threatening, and dangerous enough for the fanboys to make sure their nerd boners fly at full mast for the entire film.

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Celebrating 30 Years of The Brave Little Toaster

So who is ready to feel old? I know I am. It is crazy to see movies I watched and adored as a child hitting the 30 years old mark. But as they are, let’s kick back and reminisce over the magic that happened 30 years ago. The Brave Little Toaster is still enjoyable to this day. 

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Netflix Panel coming to Comic-Con

So for all you netflix bingers out there like me, I am dropping you some juicy details on what you can expect from Netflix this year. The streaming giant is slowly infiltrating one of the nerdiest events on earth and rightly so. With everything they have planned to reveal at their panel for 2017 SDCC it looks as like they are going to be hugely popular once again this year. So let’s take a little look see at the teasers for this years panel:

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Happy Birthday Captain America

Today is Independence Day in the United States of America. The 4th of July marks a holiday where we celebrate our independence as a country, and getting together with family and friends. Whether it be BBQs, drink some brews, and watch fireworks it’s a great time to have. But there is all a very nerd thing attributed to the 4th. Today marks the B-day of our favorite star spangled comic book hero.

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Happy 20th Anniversary Harry Potter!

So in case people were not aware, there is a possibility we may have missed out on the glorious world of Hogwarts and magic JK Rowling created. Author J.K. Rowling has told the story of how she received “loads” of rejections before “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” (known in the U.S. as “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”) was finally published on June 26, 1997.

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GOT: New Trailer Released and Breakdown

Nothing like a new Icy GOT trailer to beat the ridiculous heat on the first day of Summer. In Southern California though that day is a joke as we often get summer temps in March. But Seriously, this trailer gave me chills. I had to watch it around 5 times just to comprehend every detail it was serving up. So let’s break it down.

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John Barrowman Announces New Comic Book Series

There is a reason this is one of my favorite humans on the planet. He sings, He dances, he is creative, funny and generous. He has no shame, and willingly shares himself with his fans via Social Media. What can John Barrowman not accomplish at this point? Well you can’t add writing to the list. He has been writing for a while now with his sister. They have written comics covering the backstory of his Malcolm Merlyn Character. For anyone who knows anything about Barrowman, the fact that he is a comic book geek is common knowledge. So getting to play a role like Merlyn and write comics about him? That is the ultimate fanboy dream right there.

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Dark Phoenix: Breaking Casting News

So there has been a lot of news dropped in the last 24 hours on the next installment of the X-men movie. Fox has officially formalized plans for Dark Phoenix, the next installment of the X-Men franchise. Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique), Michael Fassbender (Magneto), James McAvoy (Professor X), Nicholas Hoult (Beast), Alexandra Shipp (Storm), Sophie Turner (Jean Grey), Tye Sheridan (Cyclops), and Kodi Smit-McPhee (Nightcrawler) are all locked in and set to reprise their roles. Jessica Chastain is currently in talks with directors to play the Villain in the upcoming Movie.

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The Captain is Back?

If any of you out there have been driving yourself nuts over Cap’s fate worry no more. I have been spending the last few months wondering if Captain America was going to be killed off. Contracts were up, and no talks were in the works. So what was the Marvel Cinematic Universe going to look like after the next Avengers movies?

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Let’s Talk About the Invisible Woman

In amongst all the Wonder Woman hype, I want to remind y’all of Susan Storm-Richards, A.K.A. The Invisible Woman. No, not because of Jessica Alba. Having watched Jessica in Dark Angel, I blame poorly written characterization on her foray into the Fantastic Four. My choice to vote for in this week’s Nerd Fight is the best performance of Sue because -from the beginning of the Fantastic Four in 1961 to 2017 where her book has been canceled, but she lives on in other Marvel adventures- I look at her and I see what exemplifies women: powerful patience, unyielding resolve, and ferocious defense of those they love.

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Wonder Woman Quest for 100

Thank-you all for joining me on my Quest to watch 100 movies in the theater in one year. If you have read any of my other entries, you know I also like to suggest if you should enjoy a few adult beverages to make the movies I see more enjoyable.

Today, I have a special entry in my quest for 100. Last night I got to enjoy one of my favorite genres in movies today, a super hero film. What made this particular Super Hero film special though is the fact Wonder Woman did something that the DC Universe has been struggling to accomplish with their previous films Batman VS. Superman and arguably even before that with Man of Steel.

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