Malice-Corp welcomes two new contributors

Greetings to all from

Malice-corp would like to welcome two new contributors to our ranks. These two individuals have extremely different areas of expertise in the field of Nerdology.  So, between the two we have some very new areas for your entertainment and education.  So strap on in as we say hello, welcome, and ask them what they have to say.MEST5150_profile_pic

First we have Mest5150; Master of POP CULTURE and a Ph.d in Comic books.  Mest5150 has provided us with a look at Disney’s announcement for Indiana Jones 5.  Check out his first article here.  He will continue to provide us with advise and information on movie teasers and trailers.  Stay tuned to for more of MEST5150, contributions.

Jason_profileJason has joined us as well, he brings to Malice-Corp a wealth of knowledge in technology and multiple advanced degrees in Nerdology.  Jason will provide Malice-Corp a source of new technology news, reviews, and opinion.  Ever wonder how to set up your own home server or want to learn some Linux.  Well maybe Jason will have the answer for you.  Jason’s first contribution; a review of the new AMD Ryzen, check it out here.

Malice-Corp welcomes these HUGE NERDS into our ranks.

Jack Malice; contributor and founder.

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