Malice-Corp Family continues to grow

GREETINGS TO ALL FROM MALICE-CORP.COM.  We have the distinct pleasure to announce the addition of yet again two new contributors to our ranks.  Master of fictitious Nerddom and renowned comic buff, A-A-ron and the ever present and some times noticed Box; Igor.



A-A-ron is known in certain circles as a master GM and holds several honorary Nerdology degrees in Table-top RPGs.  He dropped a nuke of insight on Malice-Corp with his first article; Deliverance of the Final Blow: How Logan Changed the Game for Superhero Movies.  His stories and poems have become legend among his peers.  Please stop by and check out his work and provide encouragement and maybe we can get him to gift Malice-Corp with some of his more personal and original works!



Igor has crawled out his crypt to give us his impressions and thoughts with his first contributor; Let’s talk Destiny.  Igor is our own newly acquired Evil Henchmen and possibly reformed Forum Rat.  Check out his works here at Malice-Corp.  If you poke him with the right comments on his articles he may explain to you “possibly a box”.






Interested in become a new contributor yourself.  Just register for  It is free and easy.  Then use the ‘Contact/Support Us’ form to let us know you want to join the team.  If you enjoy what we do here you can like us on Facebook below or follow us on Twitter.  If you really would like to support the site you can use one of our Amazon Affiliate links on the site to help fund this new platform for the study of Nerdology.  Maybe sign up to try Audible and get two free Audiobooks or join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day free trial.  We appreciate any and all the support of our readers.

Remember don’t forget to register with the site and comment on your favorite authors work.  It encourages them to provide you more lessons in Nerdology!


Jack Malice, Contributor and founder

One thought on “Malice-Corp Family continues to grow

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    March 15, 2017 at 8:05 pm

    Aw, we’ll have the same malice anniversary! Wield that magnificent beard to victory, A-a-ron!


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