Malice Corp Goes Centennial – Help Us Celebrate the Publication of Our 100th Article!

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Malice-Corp welcomes our 100th article! ‘Wondercon – What to see and do?’

The centennial honor goes to our co-founder, breaking news hound, and resident con addict @mest5150! Mest has been a prolific contributor to the site. So, it was really just a numbers game, but you gotta hand it to the guy, he has a nose for a good scoop. He is also the host of our Podcast which you can check out on our YouTube page, here. His new article on Wondercon is a must read for all you nerds going to the convention.

@mest5150 leading the Malice-Corp podcast

‘Wondercon – What to see and do?’

‘Wondercon – What to see and do?’ is the lucky article to achieve this milestone for Malice-Corp. We are certainly very proud of the accomplishment. Make sure you take a moment to read this fantastic article as it guides you through the convention. You don’t know where to eat? @mest5150 tells you about the amazing food trucks lined up to fill your gut. You don’t know what to look at and when? ‘Wondercon – What to see and do?’ has you covered with all the nerdy must dos.  We’ll be hearing more from @mest5150 at Wondercon and beyond, so stay tuned to Malice-Corp for your nerd news! Let us know how you feel about this momentous occasion in the comments below, or how you really feel about @mest5150. Also, if you go to the con, make sure to leave us feedback as to how informative our article was for you. Thank you for your support.

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