Malice Cast Live Ep 14 : Let’s make a Mest

Good Day to all the Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados!

Malice Cast Live episode 14 is coming. Do you hear that rumble in the distance? Can you smell the odor of sea salt and buffets? If so, then be prepared. I, Mest5150, have returned from vacation on my cruise. I am ready to join back in the fantastic nerd talk, and get nerdy with the great MaliceCast Live Podcast crew on YouTube. So what do you have to be prepared for us to talk about.

Nerd News:

Things have been coming out in droves. We have a lot to touch on but here are the main stories of discussion:

  • Star Wars Episode VIII Trailer 2 – It’s coming and it will probably be here very soon
  • Han Solo Anthology Film – It lost it’s director, and then came back big with a new director. What could this mean for the film?
  • Psych: The Movie: Superwhovianfreak has all kinds of details on the film, PINEAPPLE!!
  • Watchmen: Who watches the Watchmen? Well hopefully it will be all of us on a new possible HBO series, BigPapaMatt will tell us about it.
  • Any other breaking news that needs to be talked about.

Nerd Fight:

We will talk our results for our Father’s Day Celebration poll. Each member of the cast and two votes from the viewing audience picked their favorite tv/film father to go up against each other. The poll continues through Friday 6/23/17 11:59:59 PM PDT. Keep voting, and you can vote every 12 hours.

The new nerd fight is going to be kicking off our 2 weeks of Dr. Who Nerd Fight battles in honor of the 2 part finale starting this weekend. This week’s fight will be Best Dr. Who Villain. Make sure you watch and participate in chat live. That way you can help pick the viewers choice in the battle.

Comic Books on TV

The comic book genre has taken over television. The CW should just be called The CB (Comic Book.) Fox is in the with Gotham, Legion on FX, and soon The Gifted. Not to mention all the Marvel stuff on ABC and Netflix.  On top of this we are super excited that Preacher has returned for season 2 on AMC. So how do we show our excitement? We jump ahead of the curve and talk about what comic book we want to see made into a TV show.

Mark your calendar for Friday 6/23/17 8PM PDT on Youtube to join the conversation. We would love to nerd out with you. You can come welcome me back or let us know how me coming back really #Creamsyourcheese.


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