Malcolm Merlyn Needs to be Feared Again in the Arrowverse!

Bring Back Malcolm Merlyn on Arrow!

I love CW’s Arrow. I love the cast and I love the compelling story lines.

The wait is killing me, let me say that first and foremost. I am literally dying inside while waiting for Season 5 to return on April 26th. Being a huge fan of the CW’s Arrow, Flash, and Gotham, it pains me to have lulls in the seasons. I of course find myself watching old episodes and dreaming of the day that I can sink my teeth into some new episodes!

The biggest reason why I got hooked on Arrow and am such an avid follower, is John Barrowman. His portrayal of Malcolm Merlyn in my opinion is flawless. This is a huge testament to John and his acting, and the writers of the show. In a show like Arrow that has so much talent and wonderful characters, to hook me with a side character and a Villain no less is amazing. John channels his natural charisma into Malcolm, so you can’t help but like him. Even though he is utterly ruthless especially in season 1.

Malcolm Merlyn
John Barrowman’s Malcolm Merlyn

My Hopes For Arrow Season 6

With that being said, this last Season has been a huge downer in terms of having Malcolm Merlyn on the show. I know, I know, he is off trying to change his destiny with the Legion of Doom on Legends of Tomorrow, but I need more of him on Arrow. Arrow right now is sorely lacking in having the reluctant bad guy every good guy needs to hit up for help. The people Oliver and crew are turning to this season just don’t give me the same enjoyment as I got from watching Malcolm.

However, I don’t just want him back on the show. I want the old Malcolm Merlyn back. I want the Magician back. The man that helped usurp the reign of Ra’s al Ghul and put himself in place as the leader of the League of Assassins. Al Sa-Her, the Magician. That was truly when John shone the brightest in his role of Malcolm. If not this season then I shall pray I see it back on Arrow before it ends.

My hope and dream for Arrow season 6 is to see a return of Malcolm Merlyn to his rightful place as a key antagonist to Oliver Queen’s Green Arrow. Oliver Queen, played by Steven Amell is at his best when he is up against John Barrowman’s Malcolm Merlyn. It feels like the writers have continuously weakened his character some. None of us really liked the Damian Dark vs Oliver Queen drama, if we are being honest. It dragged the plotline down big time in season 4. I honestly wasn’t sure if I wanted the good guys to win or just see everyone get bombed (kind of like Malcolm wanted to do in season 1….)

I am hopeful that Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg have big plans for Malcolm Merlyn in season 6. John Barrowman is an amazing actor and Malcolm Merlyn is an iconic character in the Green Arrow comics. It would behoove the writers to use Barrowman as much as possible in my humble nerd opinion. I need my Malcolm fix back on Arrow!

Malcolm Merlyn
Malcolm can’t leave Arrow fans hanging forever

The Magician’s Return

So, while I wait for season 5 to come back to us, and I dream of the possibilities of season 6, I’ll ask all of you a question. Does Malcolm Merlyn deserve a more prominent role once again on Arrow? Now that Legends of Tomorrow seem to be done with his character, is it time for the Magician to return with a vengeance to the streets of Star City? On the other hand, maybe the writers will use the failed attempt at changing destiny to bring about a resurgence to the character. Also, maybe let it rekindle the rivalry between Al Sah-Him (Oliver) and  Al Sa-Her. Personally, I say yes to all the above questions. So many possibilities I wish to see happen. And I long for John Barrowman and Stephen Amell together in all their antagonistic glory.

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– BCON, Editor

– SuperwhovianFreak, contributor

Malcolm Merlyn
Merlyn brings out the best in Oliver

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