The Magic of The Hillywood Show

What Makes Hillywood so Great?

Hello all you Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados!

For anyone that has been living under a rock the past few years, I am here to educate you on the brilliance that is The Hillywood Show. The sister duo of Hannah and Hilly Hindi are flipping amazing. Smart, creative, brilliant, I could go on and on. Their song parodies are amazing, and I am disappointed in myself for not realizing they existed until the Supernatural parody.

The Videos:

So to break it down for those who haven’t seen their amazing works. The Hindi Sisters take a well known song, rewrite it to tell the story of a well known Franchise and boom a video is born. They have covered so many movie and television franchises and I have yet to see something bad com from them.

They have been approved and honored by the cast of Supernatural and Doctor Who, BBC America, Lady Gaga, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, Stephen Moffat, and Mark Gatis just to name a few people you may recognize.

Each song that they create is a rewrite of one that has already been written. The lyrics that they write to the song though directly applies to whatever happens in the franchise they are covering. Supernatural takes “Shake it Off” and turns the lyrics into covering the Mark of Cain storyline. This remains my favorite parody that they have done. Not that the others are bad but come on. Osric playing Sam? Genius. Rob Benedict donning a magnificent wig to play Cain? Epic. The entire cast at the end of the video dancing like fools is perfection. Seriously if Jeffrey Dean Morgan had been in the video as well the fandom may have exploded from excitement.

The Dedication:

So even though the Supernatural is my favorite, the rest are still amazing. The Suicide Squad parody was infinitely more enjoyable then the actual movie. Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Sherlock…. I could go on forever. The amount of research that Hillywood puts into each video performance is insane. It’s not just writing lyrics to explain the plots of the TV/Movie franchise. It’s studying each character that they are portraying to bring them to life.

When you watch the videos they move like characters move. They study the actors to make the representation as accurate as possible. Sometimes it is altering their speech to bring the character to life. I mean the English accent to bring the 10th Doctor doing Time Warp to life was amazing. I can’t stop watching it, it was flawless.

Even going to the costumes, it’s nuts. It looks like they take the costumes straight from the movie set. And for all I know they do, I am not sure on that one. But I give these 2 the biggest props for their dedication to making the most accurate representation of these characters that they can. Spot on every time.Here, enjoy the parody that got me hooked, just as a teaser for the rest to come.

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So do yourselves a favor, Check out the rest of these videos, I put a link to their page up above. Watch them all, drop me a line here or on Twitter and let me know what you think. I Know if you give them a chance you will be converted just like me.

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