Let’s Talk Dead: Season 8

       Let’s talk Season 8 TWD!

That’s right I’m back to talk more dead…. The Walking Dead. With season 8 just around the way, I thought I’d jump in here saying I can’t wait to see what the new season brings. From more tigers eating the bad guys, to Negan and his trusty bat Lucille. This show is something I can’t stop watching. Besides Game of Thrones – but we’re not here to talk GoT, we’re here for TWD. You can now find season 7 up on Netflix, which I am again watching all seasons again just to gear up for season 8. Yes I will watch them all over and over again.


What I hope to see – besides the tiger kicking butt

I do hope to see Rick and his friends win. I also hope to see the old Rick back. You know? The one that is crazy. I’d like to see Maggie alive as well and stay safe, but we all know she a strong girl and is more likely to be out there in the front lines taking Negan head on. Which I can’t think how I like to see how that man ends more – by tiger, or by Maggie. I just can’t wait.


I’ve heard a few tales about how if Rick and his group was the bad guys and maybe Negan and his group are the good guys. What a nice spin off that could make to see how Negan got from where he was to now with the savers. Would be nothing like Fear the Walking Dead, which is kind of a spin off of TWD.  I haven’t seen it, because it’s supposed to not be the same – yet be the same. But I hear good things about it and do plan to add that to my watching library.


My thoughts so far on the show is, that it can only get better from here on out. What is next after they face The Savers head on? Who knows but I for sure will keep watching till they end the show, which I hope is never. But I hope season 8 is just as good as season 7, with it’s twists and turns, cliff hangers and, well yes, and the zombies. So get ready for season 8 my zombie lovers, October 22 is the day, so get your popcorn ready.

 Comic Books

As for the comic books, getting to read them more and more, I love them more and more. Up to book 5 and as fast as I read them Mr. Malice can’t keep up with me on getting them. I look forward to reading them, and as I said before they are not the same, but I do get why things needed to be changed within the books and TV show. I would like to see more of the comic books coming to life into the TV show, feel it does need more of it.  It does have it but, not enough of it.  They are a must read and I feel you should read them. The storyline is far better than the TV show. I know how, can I say that with my love of the show, but I do love them both a lot.


So till next time my zombie friends keep down, keep quiet and stay alive.

Mrs. Malice


One thought on “Let’s Talk Dead: Season 8

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    September 20, 2017 at 9:36 pm

    My favorite part of this is that I’m the one that made you watch the first season, and Jack Malice complained to me at work about how it kept you up with nightmares. Glad to see I was able to give you a quality fandom experience.


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