Lets Talk Dead – Part 1

Walking Dead Will Live Again!

As most already know we had a small scare that Season 8 may or may not get written! This gave me a big time scare and had me biting my nails! But they are working on it now and everything is okay. As normal The Walking Dead will have it’s first episodes in October. I can’t wait to see what happens, will the fight with Negan be kept going for 16 more episodes? Or will the team we all love win within the first few episodes? I for one would love to see Negan eaten by a tiger but at the same time I find him to be one of the best bad guys Rick and his family have faced – beside zombies. This show is something I love and look forward to watch when it airs again in October. But on to more about The Walking Dead.

Comic Books and TV showswalking_Dead_Comic_Vs_Show

So I finally get to kick back and read the first 4 trade paperback books of The Walking Dead comic. Which, I may add is so not like the TV show – but then again as we see with most other TV shows and even movies nothing is like the books they come from.

Unlike most it didn’t change my views on the TV show. I still love AMC’s  The Walking Dead as much as I now love the comics too.  Now they both still share the same people but with a few small turns and changes. Rick Grimes which in the TV show is played by Andrew Lincoln to me seems the same in both the comics and the TV show, same with his wife and son who are played by  Sarah Wayne Callies and Chandler Riggs in the show.

Compare and Contrast

If you haven’t read or seen the show yourself yet, I would take the time to watch them if you love or even hate zombies.  The story lines in both are pretty good the one thing that shocked me was the relationship between Dale and Andrea, also the one with  Carol and Tyreese.  The comic book hooks them up where in the TV show Dale was more like a father to Andrea and her sister Amy. As for Carol and Tyreese they were far from lovers in the TV show. While they where at the jail Carol killed Tyreese’s girlfriend because she was sick.

As for more between the TV show and the comic books I can’t say still for I am still reading more books. If you haven’t read them yet, please pick them up and give them a good read they are worth it. I for one will be bringing more to life as I read more and get up to the TV show. So far at book 4 we’re at the prison. Doing Battle with the governor who was played by David Morrissey in the TV show. Again I can’t wait to read more and bring you more on both the TV show and the comic books.

The add in for AMC

Daryl_Merle_DixonDaryl Dixon played by Norman Reedus is not in the comic books as I already know. Daryl was added into the TV show with his brother Merle played by Michael Rooker. The role of Daryl was written in for Norman because he wanted to be part of the show, which is why we have Daryl in the TV show and not the comics.

I do wish they would add him into the comics because Daryl’s character is a strong character. Well to me anyways he seems to be the glue that holds Rick in the show together. In the first season they had bad blood, but they soon became close friends as Rick did end up trying to go back for Merle. Then again if someone lefted my brother handcuffed to a roof in the middle of zombie filled world I’d be pretty mad at them too. I would say Daryl is Ricks right hand. Bad joke, I know, what with in the comic Rick had lost his hand.


The Deaths

As we know both the show and comic book are about the world being overrun by zombies. In a world where you have to fight and look for food while facing flesh eating un-dead people is a hard hard world. Within both comic book and TV show we’re faced with watching the characters we grow to love die, and its a pretty sad thing. From Season one to Season 7 we lost so many, and with what used to be The Atalanta 7…6…5… we’re now down to 4 from the first season.

They’re in my eyes now being faced with one of the best and worst bad guys within the TV show. I love to hate Negan, which for you all who don’t know and for you super fans of supernatural he is played by  Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Which in one showing of supernatural his sons Dean and Sam walk into their base & hold their dads bat – which just so happens to look just like Lucille, which is the name of Negan’s bat in TWD. Negan has killed off more people so far than any other bad guy they have faced. But the greatest loss to me was Glen, which leaves Maggie and their un-born kid. Maggie in the TV show has pretty much taken over The Hill Top as it’s leader. I believe she was born to lead.



The draw back to this TV show is that we will not see season 8 till October. With the last show I was left on the end of my seat again cheering for a tiger. Yes, you read right, a tiger. But I for sure can’t wait for it and can’t wait to read more of the comics. I hope to bring you more on The Walking Dead as I write more on both the show and Comics.

Mrs Malice, Contributor

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