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So if you haven’t been watching this phenomenal series on HBO feel free to stop reading this now, and come back in 4-5 days after you finish the first two seasons because I will not be holding back on spoilers for this article. This show is absolute dynamite, and after Game of Thrones and The Wire I do not believe HBO has ever produced anything better. So now that you know I will not spare anyone spoilers lets get this show on the road. Rather than giving a full recap of the Episode I just want to give my take on a few scenes from the episode, and questions they raised going into this final season.


In the Beginning there was a Lady in White??

  • WoW!!! Are my immediate reactions to this premiere episode for the final season of the Leftovers. We start off with the usual affair on the Leftovers which is some more questions about who the hell are these people and what are they waiting for?  Her and a few others seem to be enjoying church services that keep pointing to a specific date, and after service they all get on their roof and wait the night out dressed all in white. Now after a few times of this not working fewer and fewer people go to service and more of them begin to mock the families and all those who wait. You almost feel bad for what seems to be the wife in this family being mocked for her faith in whatever she is waiting for on the roof as we watch her husband take her son away.

Is this the Start of the Guilty remnant?

Did these People Predict the Departure about 200 years prior?

Lastly, is this Jarden or somewhere else?

  • Boom!! We begin right where we left off with the Guilty Remnant in Season 2 lying on the floor after having invaded, and now occupying the entrance to Jarden “miracle” Texas. This was a very cryptic moment being that Meg (Liv Tyler) gives some very odd dialogue about Siegfried and Roy and their white Tigers biting off faces even though they seemed so close. After this cryptic dialogue Evie (Jasmin Savoy Brown) runs outside after noticing they are being spied by something being drilled through the wall just in time to see a drone launch a missile on their quiet, white wearing, paper writing, cigarette smoking faces.

Did Meg know the guilty remnant would retaliate and kill her and those that followed her?

If so where the hell did these folks get that kind of funding?

Did the government maybe decide to strike them down like terrorists?

  • This seems more likely since it seems the cover-up story was a gas leak in the welcome center that sent them all sky high and was not a missile strike.

No worries they are Dead either way I think….

Bang!! Now flash forward three years. Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux) and his son Tommy (Chris Zylka) are both part of the Jarden Sheriff department with Kevin being the new Chief Officer. He seems to run a tight ship especially with the impending 7 year anniversary of the Departure. Jarden is filled with pilgrims wanting to be in the city where no one was lost. Matt (Christopher Eccelston) is now leading a church once again and does quite the job preaching about other biblical occurrences revolving around how relevant 7 years are, and how he gets a feeling of something special when he is in Jarden that can’t be explained. That nothing will happen, but if it does we’ve all come to the right place as he invites the congregation to be baptized in the creek that has began running through Jarden once again.

All quiet in Miracle….Well!!

At the Sheriff station Kevin introduces agent Garvey and it seems Nora (Carrie Coon) has taken over some sort of Departure task force to interrogate people claiming to have lost people and claim the Departure was the cause. At this point everything seems to be going silky smooth in this new Jarden. Until an officer comes over and lets Kevin know someone is here to see him – an Old Hunting partner… bring in Dean! Holy hell! I can’t believe this guy is back: the notorious K-9 sniper. Not only is it crazy to see this man who I thought was just forgotten in Season 2 back with some wild theory about dogs taking over or transforming into government officials to take down the world in just a few short weeks as Oct. 14th approaches.


We then get to catch up on John (Kevin Carroll) and Laurie (Amy Brenneman) who are now running some sort of hustle on the people visiting Jarden and who also seem to be a couple because Erika (Regina King) is no where to be seen this whole episode (they also do a lot of kissing.)  We also find out after a family get-together with everyone that Lily is also gone.

Has Erika bailed with Lily to fill the void of losing Evie?

Did something happen to both of them separately?

After Kevin cleans up a mess with some people who try to ruin the baptism ceremony at the creek. Tommy and Kevin while driving away suddenly to get their windows shot out by none other than Dean. After being told he’s changed at gunpoint by Dean, Kevin is saved by Tommy who proceeds to put a bullet in Dean’s head. Now you would think that was a bit forced, and really meant to tie-up that story line left open from season one, but as they are sitting around having a smoke Kevin sees a dog come up to Dean’s body and snatch a peanut butter sandwich that he was trying to show Kevin was proof of the dogs trying to take over the world.

Are they trying to show us more about this body snatcher theory or is this just a distraction from whats really going on?


The last parts of the show I want to speak about are with Matt and Michael (Jovan Adepo) who have began writing a book on Kevin and what seems to be his ability of immortality, or what Matt says is the fact he just can’t die in Jarden. That something about this place won’t let him die. Now the comparisons to Kevin being some sort of Messiah are undeniable here but the major question this leaves is what the hell will happen to Kevin when he leaves Jarden, and after watching him throughout the episode he has been pretty reckless with his life both trying to suffocate himself, helping with the pranksters as well as when Dean is shooting at him; he seemingly gives up trying to hide or save himself as Dean continues to fire bullets at him.

So many questions not enough answers.

We received so many questions during this premiere, and I pray every one of them gets answered or connects to what the hell happens in the last three minutes of the show when we seem to get a glance of a much Older woman named Sarah that looks alarmingly like Norah riding her bike, and caging up pigeons as she discards the messages they carry.

I don’t think we got any answers from the end of Season 2 but I’m okay with that. This show is wonderfully cryptic, and it does an amazing job of being everything but predictable. Anyone who tells you differently must have some secret insights because not only do you rarely if ever see a major plot point or twist coming. It surprises you with delight every single time. I am so excited the new season is here, and if the finale is really as well thought out as the writers say it is I can’t wait for these next few months of Sundays because I will be awaiting them with bated breath.


Please comment below if you think the Departure occurred due to something biblical or maybe extraterrestrial, or if you have some other theory that might explain what the hell is going because I know im still trying to figure something out and I love it.

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