Ladies Drink Free Supernatural Episode 16 Reviewcap

Ladies Drink Free

Season 12 Episode 16 Recap

Claire is Back….. back again…… Spoilers Ahead (you have been warned)

So first off, let me get this complaint off my chest. The network justifying that a “guest star” character of Mick Davies is suddenly appears on the show more than Cas or Crowley who are full fledged regular star cast members? It makes no sense and that immediately sours part of this episode for me. Hiatus is ended finally, and Claire is making her return tonight so extra love there.

The episode starts off with some teenagers walking in the woods at night (which is always super smart to do) and get attacked. Super creepy/shady dude in a skull mask rips the heart out of the guy and leaves the girl alive. It flashes over to a very pissed off Dean with Sam at the MOL HQ. Mick has pissed Dean off by being late to whatever briefing Dean never wanted to attend in the first place. Not a great way to endear yourself to someone you are trying to make like you there Mick. Mick informs them of what happened and all seem to be in agreement that it’s a werewolf. Dean seems annoyed that Mick seems to think he is smarter then them just because he studied lore at some super elite MOL school. Sam seemed impressed, Dean doesn’t give a crap.

Dean yelling at Sam that Mick is dead weight to the team.

Dean is irate when Mick decides to tag along on a “milk run” hunt. Apparently, Mick has decided that just reading about lore has left him ill prepared after what went down with the Alpha earlier. As Dean puts it to Sam:

“You don’t learn what we do in a day. You put on a flannel you pick up a gun and you get good fast or you get dead faster.”

So, off the three of them head to Wisconsin, where the woman left alive is in critical condition. Mick introduces Dean to podcasts — he hates them (what a shocker there); before he drops the bomb there hasn’t been a werewolf outbreak in Britain since the ’20s. They apparently killed them all. Which leads Sam to FINALLY question why they kill the ones who aren’t hurting anyone. The MOL remind me of Gordon, all black and white with no judging on individual merits. They bring up Garth (who I miss dearly) as an example of someone who lives off cow hearts. Maybe they can turn Mick around, that would be awesome.

When they get to the Hotel, a 3 star Hotel, that’s like party time for the Winchesters. The hotel pleases Dean with chocolate mints, pillows, and swimming (apparently with no suit? I think I require video as proof of this please). Sam nerds it up studying lore all night about something called plasma therapy. More on that as the episode progresses. I personally love how the petulance runs strong with Dean who tells Mick, “I had better nights sleeping in Baby” when asked how they liked the hotel. Don’t worry Mick, just buy Dean some pie, he will be your best friend.

When they get to Hayden’s (the girl who was attacked) hospital room, Sam and Dean are stonewalled by her mom for interviews. So, Mick jumps in and plays fake Doctor getting the mom outside to talk to the others while he “looks over” the girl. Mick notices the girl has been bit, but doesn’t share the information. Sam and Dean learn from the mom that a “Blonde girl with a bad attitude” tried to interrogate her. She gives them the card the girl left with her (I wonder who that could be.)

They tell Mick they think another hunter has been there. As Dean puts it: “Young, Blonde, Pissed off? Sound like anyone we know?” Doesn’t take the Winchesters long to figure out that Claire is the female in question, so they meet up with her. Maybe the Gas-N-Sip Clair is at was supposed to be a Cas shout out. Claire is lying to Jody about being on a college campus tour when Dean calls pretending to be Yogi Bear stealing picnic baskets (love that she sees right through him). They chat a bit and find out what Claire knows. Claire is unimpressed with Mick, and Mick is unimpressed with American beer.

Mick “calls it a night” (at 5 pm? ok Grandpa) but actually sneaks back to the hospital to kill Hayden just as she turns. Dean busts Mick the next morning when they get to the Hospital. Hayden is dead but completely healed, so she must have turned. But Dean points out Mick says that she wasn’t bit. Dean is pissed at Mick making a mistake like missing a bite mark. Claire reaches the conclusion that she was bit by someone she knew so they split up. Sam and Claire, Dean and “amateur hour” together. Dean and Mick go to the bar.

According to bartender No. 1, Hayden had a thing with bartender named Conner. They interview Conner, who is reluctant to answer questions. So, Dean turns it around and questions Mick and what he did last night (apparently wrote reports, watched the Great British Bake off and slept). If that were true, Mick would be really boring.

Outside the bar Dean busts Mick’s fake alibi and gives him a lesson on what being a hunter is really like. He tells him about the abused psychic they let go (Which Mick the Dick neglects to tell him they had killed). He ends it with “Well now that mom gets to bury 2 kids instead of 1 thanks to your code. Nice Work.” This worked with Cas maybe it’ll work with Mick.

So, at this point, all signs point to Conner, especially considering Claire got a similar story out of Hayden’s friend. She was hooking up with an older guy who was a stalker. Apparently, that is why Hayden’s brother was there that night. Claire is riding a high of a good interview and Sam kills her buzz (as he does with Dean). Sam and Claire also have a real talk about lying to Jody. Sam pisses Claire off to the point where she goes walking alone through the woods. What a shock, she runs into the same creepy masked guy who bites her on the neck. Did anyone else get Madison flashbacks in this scene? I totally did. Which made me sad all over again dammit.

Back at the hotel, Mick is in the doghouse with both Winchesters for killing a kid. Dean is trying to convince Claire she can live with this but it’s not going well. Claire would rather die then put anyone in a position of being hurt. Sam throws out the idea of plasma therapy which the MOL had found cured early lycanthropy….. in rodents. However, the one human subject tested died in agony. Dean wants to put the kibosh on that plan, but Claire convinces him otherwise. It’s off to find Conner to get his blood, who surprise! Isn’t the werewolf as he doesn’t react at all to Sam’s silver knife.

Claire tries to convince Mick to shoot her. He declines. Mick tells Claire that perhaps Ketch and the MOL are wrong, and he wants to sedate her. All would have been fine until Unnamed bartender 1 busts in, knocks them both out, and kidnaps Claire. Sam and Dean return and yell at Mick. He confesses that he bugged Claire’s phone and can find her.

She never loses that Sass.


The werewolf is telling Claire that the only reason he turned Hayden was because he needed a new pack after the MOL wiped his out. Apparently, werewolves don’t do well solo. He tries to force feed her a human heart. He tells her they were alike because they were alone. Claire tells him he was wrong, that she has a family who loves her.

Sam, Dean, and Mick bust in, as Claire starts to turn, they kill the sire and get the blood they need and inject her. The injection turns her back, and why couldn’t this have happened with Madison? I miss Madison. Even Mick gets a second chance with Sam and Dean. He is warned a third will not be coming.

I loved some parts of this episode, the banter and Claire. It had some great moments that Claire needed between her and the boys. But it seems that at least Mick might turn from the douche side, so a win. The phone call to Jody was a nice way to end the episode. I am still mad however that Mick can suddenly appear and tag along on every hunt (as he will also be tagging along next week). However, the network can’t justify Cas, Dean, and Sam working together more then they do? That’s just shitty decision making, a disservice to Cas, and a disservice to the fans that watch week to week. I am not against new blood but just why can’t we all work together and stop fucking dividing the team up all the damn time? Maybe one of you all can tell me.

– SuperwhovianFreak


Next week’s promo:
Looks like Mick has choices to make “assimilate or eliminate”


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