iZombie season 3 episode 1 – Heaven got a little smoother. To Zombie or not?

GREETINGS TO ALL FROM MALICE-CORP.COMHey guys I hate spoilers so I will keep them out of this article except one.  The one I really want to talk about a idea that was brought up on the season 3 premier of iZombie.  How will the general population respond to the knowledge of Zombies? Even if the zombies have their humanity still intact.

iZombie not your Father’s zombie

iZombie has a slightly different take on zombies.  They are not always mindless feeding machines. As long as they get to eat brains they maintain their humanity.  With that in mind season 3 episode 1 brought into question some big moral questions about our society and humanity as a whole.

To live and let live or kill be before they suck out our brains?

If zombies are not always stark raving mad killing machines all the time.  If the zombie is just a very contagious brain eating person how do you think people will react when they are discovered?  Will everyone else see them as people that need help, will this form of zombie be tolerant or will the general population rush to destroy them out fear.  Wait does it have to be out of fear what about rational cool heads that just see them as a threat and want to defend others from the disease?

What do yo think it is the proper response?

I might self like to think of myself as a rational cool minded type of guy, but when it comes to my family I have to admit I have tend to side with what ever guarantees their safety.  So i guess I would want some pretty extreme measures here.  I know I would not support wholesale slaughter of people that just have a disease just because it is contagious and they could possibly go on a murderous rampage ending life as we know it.  I would hope that these people understand how selfish it would be to endanger all the world and would volunteer to be separated from the general populous like what seems to be the main plot thread they are developing in the show.  But you never know how people will react.  But know we are getting into depriving people of personal liberties and that is a political conversation, none of that here thank you.

So what do you think?

I’d love to hear what you think about this in the comments below.  Are zombies OK to blast when they still have their humanity and only potentially dangerous or is it our responsibility to help them even if they don’t want our help?
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