It’s almost Time. Step into the Fearscape.

The Journey Begins

There are already released – and will be tomorrow many comic books released – that are deservedly generating a lot more media and fan buzz than most others.  September 26th, 2018 you will also have a chance to read something wholly new- Fearscape,  published by Vault Comics.

We step out with Henry Henry, an unreliable narrator’s unreliable narrator. If you don’t read the plot synopsis until last, like I did, it’s hard to discern if he’s even an honest author until it’s too late. Can he even tell? Or is he too lost in grandstanding to see the truth? His pontificating and backtracking sound so pretentious it’s hard to tell if he ever knows what’s happening.

What does that mean when we need a creative mind to save the world, and what we’ve gotten is… Henry Henry, a man who is either an outrageous idea thief, or so creative he has no idea he’s creative? I don’t know, and I’m afraid to have missed a clue as massive as the tree-sized one he missed. (Trying to avoid that, I now know more about the Larch tree than I ever thought I would.)

Peer review. My old foe.  It followed me even here.

-Henry Henry

Your Guides

The writing was new to me, having never read Ryan O’ Sullivan’s work. After reading Fearscape, I went and picked up his work in Dark Souls: The Age of Fire. O’ Sullivan creates a complex richly realized tale in Fearscape that shows his talent, just as he showed it when tackling Dark Souls’ meticulously crafted epic (and hidden!) story.

Artist Andrea Mutti and Colorist Vladimir Popov have a long history of working together, and while each has a distinct style, they work well together. The sharp realism contrasted with the vivid, esoteric, and looming otherness of the Fearscape are accented beautifully by Letterer Deron Bennett’s wild array of word balloons (and his letters create a far more consistent narration than our… protagonist). We cannot wait to read more as we explore just how good of a liar our unabashed narrator is.

Thank you gentlemen for this tale and for possibly dooming us all.  Thanks to Vault Comics for getting their work out there.  Thank you dear reader, for reading.



Igor, Possibly a Box
Cricket, Probably a marlybaa

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