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IT Spoilers Ahead!

So, I was toying around the other day thinking of things to write and I decided I wanted to break down movie plots. Maybe you’re unsure of what to see, or you just like to know everything before watching. Whatever your cup of tea, I will have the plots for you. So go ahead, join me for an IT breakdown!


Spoiler Alert – proceed at your own risk!!!


A group of boys known as The Losers try to find their brother, named Georgie, and one of their members, Bill. However, there is a mysterious force in their town, Derry Maine, that takes the shape of whatever The Losers fear most – they are children after all. Their fears manifest into a clown named Pennywise – aka IT. Clowns are utterly terrifying, so I feel you kids.

The Losers go to the house where IT lives, down a well. We all know that is always a super smart idea right? Nothing bad happens going to a clown’s house that lives down a well? Once in IT’s hide-out, they find all the children IT had stolen. They are floating and under a trance. Pennywise tries to make Bill think that he is his brother Georgie. Bill is not convinced however and shoots him. Luckily for Bill the body then morphs into Pennywise. He tries to kill the kids, but they fight him. IT gets Bill and says he can kill them all together, or they can run and he will just kill Bill.

Bill says they should run, but the kids fight back. I’ll give it to these kids, they have an immense sense of loyalty and fierceness for a group branded “The Losers.” The Losers beat the shit out of the clown until IT is unable to fight back. Before Bill can bash him in the head, Pennywise goes back into the darkness. The kidnapped children are released and no longer floating. Bill finds his brother Georgie’s raincoat and knows now that Georgie is dead. Very sad moment for Bill.

The Losers make a blood oath to come back to Derry in 27 years. As adults, should IT return to kidnap and claim more victims? Let me know below!

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