Help a Rotten Guy Out?

Stefan Karl Stefansson is arguably just as famous for the Sprout television show LazyTown as Magnús Scheving. Magnus Scheving is the show’s creator, and stars as the superhero Sportacus 10. Stefan Karl stars as the villain Robbie Rotten. The show is already remarkable in how high quality its music is, and that it doesn’t speak condescendingly to its viewers.

It seems like Robbie Rotten, or Stefan Stefansson, or both, has a little something extra. With as high energy, musical, and silly as both the internet and LazyTown are, Last year and on into this year (an eternity in internet time!) the internet has latched onto Robbie Rotten (over ten years after the LazyTown was created!), and does not want to let go.


Me me me meme… !


So imagine my surprise when I sat there earlier this month edifying myself with yet ANOTHER remixed edit homage to a Robbie music video, and saw a link underneath that said “Help Stefan Karl“. I clicked on it, and found out that the actor who played Robbie Rotten had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. At present, he is recovering from a major surgery. At best this surgery will leave him unable to work for several months.

Ask Jim Henson’s family what happens if you create wonder for a generation, and happiness for them and their parents. When bad things like this happen, good things like fans contributing to a gofundme to pay all of your bills happen.

Help out the cause, spread it around, or just think about what things like this mean. All of it is worth it, as long as you follow the example of Sportacus 10 and LazyTown: take action.




Yar har fiddlee dee,

Igor, Possibly a Box

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