Gotham Season 3 Finale: Favorite Moments

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The Gotham Season 3 Finale aired Monday 6/5/2017 and it was a two part episode. The finale consisted of Episodes 21 and 22, Heroes Rise: Destiny Calling/Heroes Rise: Heavydirtysoul. First, I want to say how much I enjoy Gotham. I am a huge Batman fan. He is my favorite comic book character, and I love what Gotham has been doing. The actors and actresses that play these characters are phenomenal. In addition, the way these characters are written is just as great. If you are a fan of the comics, then you know who these characters are, but it is still a surprise every week to see how the show is developing these characters.

This article is not going to be a point by point recap of the finale. Rather, it is just going to be my thoughts on a couple of awesome moments. So, some SPOILERS will be ahead. I think that I will break this down into several parts: Villain Angst, A Butler’s Duty, Partner/Friend, Jungle Jim, A Villain Revealed, and A Hero Actualized.


Villain Angst

For the villain angst portion of this review, I’ve broken it down into the classic 3 point speech. First, we will take a look at the villain who we met at the beginning, Fish Mooney. Second, we will explore the troubled threesome of Barbara, Butch, and Tabitha. Finally, we will look at the Enigma that is the Penguin and The Riddler.

Fish Mooney

The GoGotham Fish Mooneytham Season 3 Finale finally brought closure to a whole lot of villain angst. A city that has been swarming with well known criminals has been somewhat thinned out. Fish Mooney was dead, then alive again, then dead again, then alive again, and now presumably she’s finally gone for good. While I have enjoyed the acting prowess of Jada Pinkett Smith, the character has just never done it for me. She isn’t a cannon character and frankly felt very much forced, perhaps as a way to just include an amazing actress somehow? But, with the state of other baddies, this one feels like goodbye for good.

Babs, Butch, and Tabitha

Gotham Barbara, Butch, and TabithaTalk about a love triangle gone horribly wrong. The beautiful Barbara has finally taken her craziness and power hunger too far, burning the only true allies she has in Gotham City. While, it would appear that she has met her demise, I wouldn’t count out a return. No coffin, no death, and while we saw a body, Strange(er) things have happened. My theory is that we will see her return possibly as Harley Quinn. We also got what seemed to be the death of beloved bad guy, dummy, and muscle, Butch. More on that later. Finally, we had an incredibly awesome moment between Tabitha and Seline Kyle with some whip training that shows us a glimpse into the making of Catwoman! That scene was really cool to see and interesting how the writers are making that connection. I can’t wait to see how that mentor relationship progresses in season 4.

The Oswald Enigma

Gotham Penguin and Riddler

We also saw a conclusion, for now, to the Penguin Riddler feud. I loved the genius of Penguin in this interaction. Both of these actors play their roles flawlessly. Penguin’s final line to Riddler before putting him on ice was epic,

“I may be driven by my emotions, but you are driven but something much more predictable: a desperate and compulsive need to complete what you started in exacting fashion.”

So, it looks like we’ve seen the end of the Riddler for now, until someone thaws him out. Well, we will be seeing the frozen statue version of him in Oswald’s new nightclub, but you get the point.

A Butler’s Duty

Gotham Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred Pennyworth played by Sean Pertwee is far and away my favorite character on Gotham. In my opinion, Pertwee hands down plays the best Alfred out of any previous portrayal. He does have the advantage of being the young, bad-ass version of America’s favorite butler(sorry Mr. Belvedere). But, the guy can flat out act, his accent is amazing, and his ability to handle the emotional parts of the role balanced with the angry protective father-figure is truly a gift. Alfred willingly sacrificed himself to get Bruce to snap back into reality. Not to mention, the dude talked trash to the demon’s head, Ra’s Al Ghul and lived to talk about it. Huge thanks to what we can only assume to be the Lazarus Pit that brought back our beloved Alfred from certain death.

I also must mention, how freaking cool was it to see Ra’s al Ghul make his Gotham entrance?!? We know that he plays a huge part in Batman’s training and development. It will be interesting to see the development of Bruce under Alfred’s care and the Dark Knight under Ra’s.


Gotham Jim and HarveyHarvey Bullock played by Donal Logue is my second favorite character on this show. I’ve got a man-crush on Donal Logue. He’s got a beard and he plays the crap out of plucky. He adds comic relief where needed, sudden bursts of rationality to Jim’s sometimes insanity, and did I mention his beard which has gotten better as the season progresses? What I love about Harvey is his unquestioning loyalty to Jim and just how well he balances out the partnership. Harvey really showed that during the finale, especially after Jim went all Alice virus on him in the train station. Even when all hope seemed lost, Harvey still believed that Jim would fight the virus and do the right thing.

Jungle Jim

Jim Gordon portrayed by actor Ben McKenzie is probably my third favorite character. Gotham might as well be called the Jim Gordon show at times. Once you put aside the picture of Ben that you have in your head from his days on The O.C. you realize he makes a damn good Jim Gordon. While some think his tough guy gruff voice is a little forced, I’ve grown to accept it in the same way I’ve accepted Christian Bale’s bat grunt. Some things you will just accept because the end justifies the means.

Gotham Lee and Jim

Last week we were left with Jim taking the virus and going all zombie digging out of his own grave. It was really cool to see the darkness in Jim get to take over for at least a little while. His reunion with Lee was of course too little possibly too late but she will show back up eventually.


A Villain Revealed

Gotham Cyrus Gold, Solomon Grundy, ButchNow, this part was so short if you stepped away from the TV or checked your FB messenger, you might have missed it. We learned at the end that good old Butch is still alive, though in critical condition. As he is in the hospital, we learn that Butch is not his real name. He goes by another name, Cyrus Gold. And, if that name doesn’t ring a bell, maybe Solomon Grundy will. This got me out of my seat excited! First, because I realized that Butch was not really gone from the show for good, as I like the actor and his character. However, what I like even more is the introduction to a really cool villain in Solomon Grundy. With The Walking Dead and iZombie as well as numerous movies and video games, zombies are a huge trend right now. Solomon Grundy will make a great addition to the Gotham universe when the writers are ready to fully unveil him!

A Hero Actualized

Finally, I end this Gotham Season 3 Finale discussion with talking about the Bats. You never forget the Bats. Bruce Wayne as a character has been through a hell of a lot this season and he has begun to grow closer and closer to understanding his purpose. At the conclusion of this season, Gotham has given us our first taste of a young vigilante. We see Bruce take to the streets in what appears to be the same alley his parents were killed in and he saves a family from experiencing perhaps the same fate that he did. Alfred told him in the hospital room that Bruce needed to find something he loved and all of us Batman fans know that what Bruce Wayne loves more than anything is Gotham City. Now, this may be too early for a Batman appearance in my opinion, but I think it is really just a teaser for fans to remember what this Gotham journey is all about. I think we will see continued character development in Bruce over the coming season and hopefully some more ties to Ra’s al Ghul.

Gotham Bruce Batman

Final Thoughts

While I will say that there were many many holes in the plots for this finale, it has been one of my favorites on television this year. Where we usually have shows that leave huge amounts of unresolved drama, Gotham cleaned up most of the chaos that ensued this season. Yes, there are some questions left, but there were certainly a lot of answers given. Like I said before, I am a huge fan of the show and the actors, and I cannot wait to see what season 4 of Gotham will bring!

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