Saying goodbye to Sourcefed

Hello all you geek enthusiasts and nerd affecianados

Earlier this week it was announced that the YouTube channel Sourcefed and it’s partner channels (Sourcefed Nerd, People be like, and Nuclear Family) are being canceled. Let it be known I nor this site are affiliated with Sourcefed in any way. This is just a fan saying good bye.

The Sourcefed family of channels

Sourcefed has been on YouTube since 2012. That’s five long years. It was created by Philip DeFranco, and don’t be mad at him he hasn’t owned the channel for many years. It was a channel that provided news to it’s viewers. These were not main stream media news reports, but true honest reports that did not carry biased opinions. Beyond Sourcefed, it’s spinoff Sourcefed Nerd gave us news and insight into things in the geek world. They talked comics, movies, and games. With additions of People be like and Nuclear Family we got further into the geek world with skits we could all have fun watching. The best part about all this was they were able to insert comedy when necessary to keep us laughing, and they were able to be serious when a topic needed to be heard.

A Major Loss to the World.

This is a major blow to news and geek fans alike. Group Nine Media is the current holding company that owns the Sourcefed channels. These channels had a rather large following, yet are being cancelled anyway.  The Sourcefed family of channels showed you can be an everyman and strive to do something because you enjoyed it. Not that you had to be bottled up into the mold that was expected of you.

Sourcefed was a major launching pad for many within the Geek/Nerd world. Many of the original hosts of Sourcefed have become mainstays in the geek community. Steve Zaragoza has many projects outside of Sourcefed, one which includes hosting duties for Mostly Harmless on Comicon HQ (Comic-Con International Subscription Video Program), Meg Turney is huge in the Cosplay world, Lee Newton helps out on Lip Sync Battle on Spike TV, and Joe Bereta is a producer for Smosh ( another very popular YouTube channel.)

Sourcefed helped pave the way.

I am not one of the ones that has watched the Sourcefed channels from the beginning. My foray into watching YouTube content regularly has only been for about the last 3 years or so. This being the case I have still grown to love and admire the current host of their channels. As the names and faces have changed it has been my pleasure to see the current crop of hosts, Mike Falzone, Ava Gordy, Candace Carrizales, and Steven Suptic, bring me news in an entertaining way.

The hardest one for me will be the loss of Sourcefed Nerd. Being that Pop Culture and Nerdom, in general, is a large part of my persona, this was the channel that spoke most to me. I loved watching the hosts , Sam Bashor, Whitney Moore, and Filup Molina, talk about the goings on in the nerd world. Sam’s history of comic character videos were fantastic. I always tuned into Sourcefed Plays to see how fun the games were, as well as find out what the next game I was going to be bringing to a party was. It hurt to see people like Maude Garrett and Reina Scully leave , or disappear from the channel. Knowing that no future content will be coming hurts even more.

I love talking with friends about all things pop culture. When I go to conventions I become a machine with focus on what I want to do and how I’m going to do it. Due to things like this my friends always tell me I should get my voice out there. Have discussions with all the great people in the Geek world. This was a hard thing for me to do. I want to thank Sourcefed because though they weren’t directly responsible for me joining and helping to bring you takes on the new pop culture news. They definitely were an inspiration that helped me put on my big boy pants and jump into this endeavor.

Show your support

On March 20th, 2017 the current hosts of Sourcefed posted a video where they let us know this final weeks schedule of content. I’m sorry that I’m late to the party writing the article about this, but if you were a fan as I was a fan. Please tune in to their farewell Podcast tomorrow Friday March 24, 2017 on YouTube at 2pm PDT. According to Ava Gordy that’s  “Pacific Day Light Time, it exists” as she said in the video.

Also please follow all the great faces that are currently losing their jobs on their personal content. I’m sure they have great things to come :

Ava Gordy :(Twitter) @avagordy (youtube) Ava

Mike Falzone:(Twitter) @mikefalzone (YouTube) Mikefalzone

Candace Carrizales: (Twitter) @candacesucks (YouTube) Hunanpenguin

Steven Suptic:(YouTube) StevenSuptic

Sourcefed Nerd Hosts:

Sam Bashor: (Twitter) @sambashor (YouTube) SamBashor

Whitney Moore: (Twitter) @tweetneymoore

Filup Molina: (Twitter) @fimo (YouTube) Filupknows

People Be Like:

William Haynes: (Twitter) @MrWilliamHaynes (YouTube) WilliamHaynesTV


Once again and I can’t say this enough. Thank You to everyone from Sourcefed that brought us all this enjoyable content. You will be sadly missed and I tip my hat to you. I look forward to whatever you wonderful people have to present to us in your future endeavors.

If you were a fan of Sourcefed and it’s partner channels, let us know what your favorite things were in the comments below, but please don’t stop there go to those that helped make the content and thank them as well.







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