The Flash Season 3 Episode 19 Review: Who is Savitar?

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If you have not gotten a chance to watch the return episode of CW Network’s The Flash…. Stop what you are doing and go watch it now. Come back when you are done. I will still be here. I promise. If you choose to continue, be warned there will be spoilers. This article will cover some of what happened in this episode of The Flash but it mainly will be focusing on figuring out who Savitar is.

The Once and Future Flash

This episode was intense from the word go! One thing I love about the writers of The Flash and this episode in general is that they have a knack for starting a show after a cliffhanger and then ending the same episode on another cliffhanger. That is exactly what happens in this episode. So, this episode begins where episode 18 left us which was the emergence of Killer Frost and chaos ensuing. Cisco, Julian and HR are outmanned by Frost until Barry arrives.

Future Barry- that hair has got to go!

So, Killer Frost is on the loose and Barry decides it is time to go into the future to figure out who Savitar is and how to stop him. Barry, with the help of Wally West, jettisons himself into the future, 2024 to be exact. Barry is looking for answers and does not really get them. He runs into future super depressed emo Barry who is wallowing in his own misery and has managed to distance himself from everyone that needs him. Future Barry doesn’t know, but there are a few clues that do point us to a possible answer. 

Episode Summary

When Barry gets to the future, Team Flash has long been disbanded, after Barry bailed on everyone in the wake of Iris’ death. Having allied with Savitar, Killer Frost thrived and ultimately robbed Cisco of his hands; a vengeful Wally went after Savitar by himself, only to get his spine snapped; and Barry was so focused on Savitar that he neglected his promise to Iris, to take care of Joe.

When Barry, at Cisco’s urging, sticks around long enough to get the team back together they thwart 2024’s Top and Mirror Master. Future Barry then gives his younger self the only bit of help he can: the name of a physicist, Tracy Brand. Who in four years after Iris dies will develop technology that allows Barry to trap Savitar in the Speed Force forever. Future Barry hands our Barry a thumb drive which perhaps will inspire Tracy Brand to decipher the tech sooner.

Two Raging Clues

The first clue that we get as to who Savitar might be comes from 2024 Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost. She reveals to Barry that she knows who Savitar is but that she will never tell him. She then makes the statement to Barry that he is going to be so surprised when he finds out.

The last big clue that we get is at the very end of the episode. Frost meets up with Savitar who promises to give her what she has always wanted and let her be her true self. She is very cautious and doubtful, asking Savitar why she should trust him. At that point, Savitar takes off his suit and reveals himself to her. The audience only gets to see his boots but they do get to see the reaction on Killer Frost’s face and the response she gives to Savitar. She immediately changes her tone, displaying a posture of trust, and asks what she needs to do. This reaction may be the biggest clue.

So Who is Savitar?

My nerd sense is telling me that it can really only be one of a few possible people in that Savitar suit. But, I do want to explore all of the possibilities as well. Killer Frost’s reaction and the information that Savitar’s identity will be a huge surprise are what helps me narrow the possibilities. In addition, the glimpse into the future also helps us to eliminate possibilities. We know it is not HR or Julian because we see them in the future where Savitar is already trapped.


I still have a thought that it could be an Earth 2, Earth 3, Earth whatever Julian. It might be that Savitar came and used his Earth 1 doppelganger to do his bidding. Caitlin/Frost would definitely react to Julian in a way that shows trust, particularly after the relationship that has been built over the last season. It also might make sense as I still think it is strange that Julian is the only new entity from flashpoint. I know he was alchemy but like I pointed out it could be the connections between the multi-verse Julian’s that made him alchemy in the first place. I think this one is a far shot but I would still put it up on the list of possibilities.

Tom Felton
Julian Albert


The next possible man under the mask is Barry himself. Not Barry from this Earth, but I different Barry or even a distant future Barry. If it were the same Earth 1 Barry, that would be a little mind bending but the writers have shown that they can twist us up, particularly with big reveals. If it is Barry, it is more likely that it is a Barry Allen from another Earth. This would definitely be a surprise, but I still find even this to be unlikely.

Jay Garrick?

It could be Jay Garrick, played by John Wesley Shipp. I mean why not? Flash ended last season with the big reveal that the man in the iron mask held captive by Zoom was the real Jay Garrick. Jay sacrificed himself by taking Wally’s place in the Speed Force prison. Perhaps this drives Jay insane and somehow he finds a way to escape and take vengeance on Barry for seemingly forgetting about him. Again, not as likely a scenario, especially given the Killer Frost reaction. I can’t see her reacting in such a way to Jay, at least not the John Wesley Shipp Jay.

Jay Garrick

Hunter Zolomon?

I could see her reacting that way to the Hunter Zolomon version of Jay. Throughout Season 2 they did have a romantic relationship and even after Zolomon was revealed to be Zoom, she still showed some affection for him. The Time Wraiths took Zoom away at the end of season 2. It appeared like he was turning into the Black Flash. BUT, that was all before Flashpoint. So, there is no telling what has happened to Zoom, if he has been taken by time wraiths in this version of time. Or, perhaps he found a way to escape his fate with the time wraiths. I would leave this one as having a better chance than the others but I still find it somewhat unlikely that the writers would go back to the well again with Zoom.

Flash Zoom
Hunter Zolomon

Ronnie Raymond?

This leads me to my last guess on who Savitar might be. It is the one that is getting the most speculation out there in the nerdverse. Ronnie Raymond. I am not talking about a different Earth doppelganger either, I mean THE Ronnie Raymond who disappeared in the finale of season 1. His death was never confirmed and it is just as likely that he was absorbed into the Speed Force.

Flashpoint then creates a way for him to somehow escape the Speed Force and take on the Savitar Armor and go after Barry, the one who is responsible for his death. Not just that, but to go after Iris West, the woman Barry loves. It would make sense to want to separate Barry from the one he loves. Just like Ronnie was separated from Caitlin. It also would make a ton of sense why Caitlin responds the way she does after seeing who Savitar is.

Flash Ronnie Raymond
Ronnie Raymond

Final Thoughts

So, if I was a betting man, I would put my money on Ronnie Raymond. Who do you think Savitar might be? Do you have a different fan theory? Comment below and let us know your thoughts. As always, thanks for supporting us, follow us on twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and like us on Facebook. As always, you stay nerdy out there!


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    April 27, 2017 at 9:53 am

    Agree, it can only be Ronnie Raymond, the love of her life.

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      April 27, 2017 at 6:36 pm

      Yep, I totally agree and even the blue lightning is a good indicator as well. But, I did want to capture a lot of different possibilities.


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