The Flash Finale Theory: All’s Well that Ends Wells

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I hope everyone has had a chance to see last night’s airing of The Flash on the CW Network. Even more so, I hope that you all have gone to YouTube to watch our video reaction to the episode. You can also read the quick article on the video here on Malice-Corp. If you have not watched the new episode 3 x 22 then please go watch it first, then watch our reaction video, and then come back here. There are SPOILERS ahead as I talk about theories for the Flash finale. So, you have been adequately warned.

I have several theories on what the The Flash finale for season 3 will hold. After filming our reaction video last night and while laying in bed restless, I thought of a few. So this article will cover 2 main theories that I think could happen in the finale.

Flash Finale Theory #1

As we discussed in last night’s reaction video, it seems that Barry has not yet learned his lesson in regards to time travel. I mean, the guy went back in time yet again to get Leonard Snart to help him steal the alien power source needed to run the Speed Force bazooka. Speed Force Bazooka! Sorry, I just love saying that. With that being said, I don’t know if Barry has really learned his lesson about the dangers of time travel and trying to change the future.

I can definitely see a scenario in which Barry travels back in time to try to save Iris. One thought is that he could travel to earlier in the day to tell HR to shut up and not open his big mouth about where Iris, Wally, and Joe are hiding. Another thought is that maybe Barry goes back in time to try and prevent Wally from throwing the Philosopher’s Stone into the Speed Force to begin with. Of these two theories, I think the first would be the most likely. Barry may not think it is too dangerous to travel back in time less than 12 hours to fix things. This scenario would still leave the team with the need to defeat Savitar.

Flash Finale Theory #2

This theory is the one that I absolutely 100% believe is going to happen. In this episode, we have seen the use of HR’s technology that allows someone to change their appearance. HR uses it all the time to mask his face. He needs to look like his former partner from his Earth, since Wells is considered Thrawn on our Earth and is a wanted Man. SIDE NOTE: How creepy is it that HR hides his face yet professes his love for Tracy? She hasn’t even seen his real face? Totally weird and creepy in my opinion.

Anyhow, I think this appearance changing technology will/has played a huge part in the apparent Iris death scene. I say “apparent” because I do not believe we actually watched Iris die. My belief is that someone else was using the tech to mask themselves as Iris. There would have been a small window in which to change places with her, specifically when Savitar throws her down and fights Barry for a little while when Barry has the Speed Force Bazooka. I think at that point someone trades places with Iris. This theory has two parts to it regarding who is going to trade places.


One theory floating around that I have heard from other fans is that it could possibly be Julian who trades places. The guy is obviously devastated by Killer Frost’s confession that Caitlin Snow never loved Julian. Ouch. So, perhaps a distraught Julian decides to save the day and swap places with Iris. I find this idea a stretch because we did not see Julian at all in this episode so there is zero foreshadowing or plausible explanation. Does Julian even know how to use the technology? I find this theory not very plausible and very unlikely to be the outcome.


This is absolutely what I believe we saw last night. HR swaps places with Iris and is killed by Savitar instead of Iris. I have constantly professed my love of Tom Cavanagh and all of his variations of Harrison Wells, including his kooky HR character. The reason I believe this is what happened is because of the small hints given during this last episode. During the reaction video I mentioned the long stare HR gives the Savitar spike/blade being kept in Star Labs. After re-watching it, I definitely get the sense that he is formulating a plan in that moment and the writers/directors are giving us some foreshadowing of what is to come. The other big hint for me was HR’s conversation with Tracy, his comments about finding his role, and his somewhat admission of his love for her. We’ve seen HR flirty in the past, but he’s never really come straight out like that about his feelings.

This leads me to believe he was already considering doing something drastic and wanted to tell Tracy how he felt prior to any decision he might make. The final clue was his reaction to the incredibly stupid mistake he made by giving away Iris’ hiding spot. That scene with Cisco shows his frustration with his lack of real involvement in the team. Cisco then tells him to hold down the fort because HR is reliable and always shows up. The last words of HR to Cisco are “until next time” as he tips he cap to Cisco and then takes the long look at the Savitar talon.


Reaction Video

In case you did not get a chance to watch the reaction video yet, I’ve embedded it below. please give it a watch as it is well worth your time. It should hopefully cheer you up a little if you are feeling depressed about Iris.


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