The Flash Season 3 Finale Fan Theories Rant Video

What up to all my fellow nerds and geeks out there? A big hello from all of your friends here at Malice-Corp!

We have been busy filming all kinds of videos for you this week as we are getting close to several big finales from the CW Network. Jack Malice and I filmed a quick video last night talking about The Flash season 3 finale fan theories. If you have not read my Finale Theory Article yet please go give it a read and also watch our reaction to season 3 episode 22.

So, without further ado, you can watch our The Flash finale fan theories rant video below. Remember to like, subscribe, and share! Thank you to all of you who have supported Malice-Corp by subscribing, liking, and commenting. We are incredibly appreciative of your support!

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Please let me know your thoughts on these Flash finale theories. I want to know if you agree or disagree and why. We will have another reaction video next week. Remember, don’t forget to comment on your favorite author’s work. It encourages them to provide you with more lessons in Nerdology! Remember to follow Malice-Corp on twitter. You can follow Malice-Corp on Facebook. Please check out our YouTube channel and subscribe subscribe subscribe! Thank you as always for your support.

– BCON, Editor and Podcast Co-Host


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