Filmiversary: Happy 33rd Anniversary, Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom

Temple of Doom     Temple of Doom

Happy 33rd Anniversary, Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom!

May 23rd, 1984
Directed by Stephen Spielberg, Story by George Lucas
Starring Harrison Ford, Kate Capshaw and Jonathan Ke Quan

Kali Ma Everyone! Warning: this is not an article to convince you to watch this movie, but to chastise you if you haven’t lately. Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom is the sequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark, Doctor Indiana Jones finds himself somewhere in China with a new sidekick, Short Round, and a new dame, Willie, played by the future Mrs. Spielberg, Kate Capshaw. You’ll remember her most for screaming “Indy!” or “Oh my God!” while wearing a harem outfit.

Why I Love This Movie

I love Temple of Doom for its popcorn-popping appeal. The song that introduces Willie is way over the top and painfully choreographed, but I still love it. While the movie was made in 1984, it is set in the 1930s and feels more like a period piece with all of the action set on high. Indiana bargains for a diamond, drinks poison, gets an antidote, and escapes with his new scooby gang onto a plane bound for parts unknown – all within the first 20 minutes.

I also really enjoyed the big stunts like jumping from that plane with an inflatable raft and safely landing in a river. Because rafts are incredibly aerodynamic and have seat belts, right? I learned so much about cults, voodoo dolls, blood drinking, devil worship, slavery, and exotic foods I would never, ever be tasting. What a package! Thank goodness my parents let me watch way too many movies as a kid.

Even if you disagree with me, just remember that at least this isn’t The Crystal Skull. So, suspend your disbelief already and find a way to screen it tonight! And, if you have any extra steer or gnu horns lying around, we could get some serious Mola Ram cosplay going. Repeat after me: “Om Namha Shivaye, Om Namha Shivaye, Om Namha Shivaye”

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~HjZGrok, Contributor

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